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  • pddane_01929 pddane_01929 Jun 26, 2006 8:46 PM Flag

    RE: Vital events and FORTUNE COOKIES


    Where 'o where do these morons come from?

    No matter. Just had a very pleasant dinner at Qingdao Gardens--tofu skins with mushrooma, cucumber salad and pork with bitter melon, so I'm full of good humor.

    Good fortunes also:

    For the benefit of all posters here, a couple of excellent ones.

    (1) When you gather all your resources together, goals are accomplished (more on this tomorrow*).

    Lucky numbers 33, 28,444, 39, 2,10

    (2) Pray for what you want, but work for the things you need.

    Lucky numbers 9, 10, 23, 28,34,42.

    I like the latter one best but I always admit that I have severe ascetic protestant prejudices (which I'm trying to overcome, of course).



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    • It is fun to play the " bed" game with fortunes. Just add " bed" at the end.

      "When you gather all your resources together, goals are accomplished IN BED"

      "Pray for what you want, but work for the things you need IN BED".

      There can be some very funny fortunes read aloud, amongst friends of course.

    • What a great post! If I am not mistaken, Balzac uses this in a different Human Comedy and of course, Hugo utilizes this in "Les Miserables."



    • This discussion recalls to me a story by Balzac, Colonel Chabert. The colonel, a hero of the Napoleonic Wars, is left for dead on the battlefield, but turns up some years later to claim his identity. His wife, however, has remarried into the nobility and refuses to acknowledge him. He engages a lawyer, Derville, to prove his identity, but at the last moment, disgusted by her treachery and greed, Chabert abandons his case and slips back into anonymity. At the end of the story, Derville comments to his young colleague:

      �You know, my friend, there are in our society three men, the Priest, the Doctor, and the Lawyer, who cannot have a high regard for Mankind. They wear black robes, perhaps because they are in mourning for all virtues and all illusions. The most unhappy of the three is the lawyer. When someone seeks a priest, he is pushed by repentance, by remorse, and by religious belief which make him interesting and give him some stature. . . But we lawyers see repeating themselves the same evil sentiments; nothing corrects them. What we study are sewers that cannot be cleansed. . . . .All the horrors that fiction writers believe they can think up are always surpassed by the truth. . . .I am going to withdraw to the country with my wife. Paris make me shudder.�

    • Hugh:

      I have a birding friend who is a lawyer and hates his job. He has the opporunity to see the greed in people that most of us don't have.
      If Bush wanted to do something for this nation he should appoint five doctors to make recommendation to change the justice system. Makes sense to me since Clinton appointed lawyers and Hillary to try to change the medical system. APB

    • #1 son,Corporate lawyer IN NYC. high stress particularly when deal in making,IPO,ect.

      He would like to retire and be lighthouse keeper.I guess stress there also when storms approach.

      college roomate who graduated Chem Eng from RPI and then Patent law from Georgetown will not retire.loves the courtroom.

    • Peter what is your humor good for? LOL
      The Blueberries Farmers down here are in high cotton this year. Have you checked the market for yours or did you sell the place?
      T. J.
      My wife called me from New Orleans today and wanted to know how the guy was doing with his stocks that missed my humor. I told her you were crying because you wasn't making a killing but was doing fine.
      Wish I could send you a strip out of funny paper about lawyers. When my daughter was in college she knew so many lawyer jokes that I began to think she was studying to be a comedian.


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      • APB,

        I'm doing fine. Even if my portfolio drops by ten percent life still goes on and the next day I'm still TJ Hooper. That said I did pick up some bargains on this last drop.

        Best lawyer joke I remember from law school:

        An engineer dies and is supposed to go to heaven but his paperwork had some errors in it and instead he was sent to hell. On arrival in hell he decided to make the best of the bad situation. So he installed some major air conditioning and fixed up all of the indoor plumbing. He designed a series of complex mirrors that brought in some natural light. At first the devil did not approve, but when he noticed that things improved in hell, he gave his consent to give "those elitists in heaven a run for their money".

        Word of the changes quickly spread to heaven.
        "We can't have this."
        "What's the purpose of hell if it is as pleasant as heaven?"
        "They already have all of the rock stars and comedians."
        "The devil must have done this."
        And so on.

        Eventually someone noticed the error in the engineer's report. God Himself was informed of the error. God thought about the predicament and dispatched his smartest angel down to hell to remedy the situation.

        On arriving in hell the angel went to the devil and said "Devil hand over the engineer who made all of these changes."
        "He belongs in heaven and not hell."
        "He was sent here."
        "It was a mistake."
        "So was most of existence -- deal with it."

        The angel returned to heaven without the engineer. This frustrated God. God Himself went down Hell and met up with the devil. God said "Give us back the engineer who made all of these improvements!"
        "You return him or I'll..."
        "You'll what? God this is Hell, You have no jurisdiction down here."
        "Well then I'll take you to Court in the heavens and win his rightful return by the laws of the universe."
        "You are going to sue us?"
        "See you in Court."
        "Good luck with that God, we have all of the lawyers."


      • Poor Boy,

        The orchard orioles and cedar waxwings are, I suspect, getting all of my old blueberries.

        All of the years have been good to me since I've met all of my good friends on the DNR board. I have a lot to be thankful for.



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