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  • pddane_01929 pddane_01929 Mar 6, 2008 8:02 AM Flag

    Fine Dining in Hugh's back yard


    An interesting article from the Times on a restaurant near you:

    A couple of the observations in the article are of particular interest. The idea that poor diets leading to disease later in life is a public health curse that all countries should be working on just like they have on smoking. The dangers of poor diet are probably worse than those from smoking. The other idea that I found interesting is that at $200 US per head, the three star restaurants were charging half what it cost in France and that they weren't making any money.



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    • would have to remind me. Just after we got over here, we received a notice that our favorite dining establishment back home is closing down: a real german restaraunt in the county up the road. Chef was formally trained in Germany but eventually came to the states with his bride. Wonderful family food and great folks too. A bitter loss.

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      • Moosebit,

        That is a real loss. You have our sympathy. Cultural treasures are always too few upon the ground and the loss of any one of them is grim news to us all.

        It is that kind of day:

        Justabettin's good page illustrates the principle. Nothing has become safe. Oops, I don't think that parses properly. No thing is safe for the moment. But the sun did come up this morning in commie central (as it did in any number of other pleasant venues, I'm sure), spring is right around the corner and the jobs number could be good.



    • Peter:

      I had dreams of collecting one of the meals you owe me is one of those fancy three star joints.
      Guess I will have to survive on that ole cruise ship food while I am in Boston one day next fall.

      Arkansas Poor Boy

    • Peter:

      I had dreams of collecting one of the meals you owe me in a three star joint but looks like I will just have to survive on ole cruise ship food when I am in Boston for a day next fall.

      The Arkansas Poor Boy

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      • Hugh:

        Have you noticed that Peter Won't respond about paying off one of his debts to me.
        I won two meals from him fare and square. Deal was if he won he had to come to Memphis to collect and if I won I had to go to Boston and collect. I am going to Boston but ole Peter is playing blind.
        He would probably want to take me to some cheap home owned rathole where I would get food poision so I am probably better off not collecting. LOL, having fun.


    • Ach Du Lieber Kinder!
      Hey Guys,
      Well, Sauerkraut is an unsung hero when it comes to good health---- so I hope they fold that in with the new fangled here.
      (see WAY below for your sauerkraut tutorial)
      No doubt it helps to digest all of that traditional hearty meat fare. The Germans of yore probably had a more balanced diet than we generally realize. The French, on the other hand are pretty notorious for their artery clogging cuisine across the board. Being of half German/half French ancestry & having lived 4 years in France & 4 in Germany---gives me some leg to stand on here & I would hope, not offend anyone!
      My Kraut Grandmother lived to be 99! Good Milwaukee gal she was & boy did she love her sauerkraut & brats! She also insisted on having her own vegetable garden & worked it herself until she was 98.

      TUTORIAL starts here

      How can Sauerkraut be used as a Digestive Aid?
      The friendly lactobacilli created in the fermenting process aid digestion, increase vitamin levels, produce a variety of beneficial enzymes and promote the growth of healthy flora throughout the digestive tract

      What is Fermentation?
      The definition of fermentation is "breaking down into simpler components". Fermentation makes the foods easier to digest and the nutrients easier to assimilate. In effect, much of the work of digestion is done for you. Since it doesn't use heat, fermentation also retains enzymes, vitamins, and other nutrients that are usually destroyed by food processing.

      The active cultures that pre-digest the food as part of the fermentation process actually generate nutrients. So there are more vitamins--especially B-vitamins--and minerals like iron are released from the chemical bonds that prevent them from being assimilated. In effect, the nutritional value of a food goes up when it has been fermented.

      The fermentation process also preserves the food. You start with a wholesome, raw food and preserve it in a way that leaves its nutrients intact, so you have the health benefits of raw food without having to run to the grocery store frequently.

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      • <<<The French, on the other hand are pretty notorious for their artery clogging cuisine across the board>>>

        Does anyone find it ironic that the French, who eat the highest percentage of fat in Euroland, have the lowest incidence of CHD. And, the Swiss, who eat the second highest fatty diet, have the second lowest incidence of CHD? And, to the other extreme, the EU countries that consume the least amount of fats....have the HIGHEST amounts of CHD?

        Butter up, eat the porkchop and live longer.

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