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  • cigar_after_dinner cigar_after_dinner Oct 23, 2009 12:40 AM Flag

    Amex Customer Complaint

    When I left college I started working and had an Amex Green Card...I spent about $4000 a month on it and was a first class customer. My brother was in college, and without a job, he applied for the Platinum card and they gave it to him. Being competitive with my brother I applied for a gold card and was declined I told Amex to shove it and dropped the card. Been with VISA ever since. Now here I am 25 years later, a multi, multi-millionaire and Amex is hounding me to take a card every month. I even have a VISA with a $350,000 line. All my cards are paid off every month. Except one Visa which I cancelled 5 years ago and had it replaced with another VISA card, I paid it off and they chose to charge me $2.12 for a late fee which shouldn't have happened. So this silly charge, Amex says, will not allow them to give me an Amex card which I would like to have for buying concert tickets. So once again, I say goodbye Amex. Maybe when I'm 80 I'll look you up again. But I doubt it. You missed one mother of a customer with your decisions. I've spent millions on my VISA's over the years that could have been run thru you.

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    • Cigar:
      I agree with you completely. Your experience is not the only example of AXP's brillance. Having been a Platinum Business Card member for 14 years and charging as much as $30K/mth and getting Gold cards for all my office managers, AXP showed me how much they valued my business in June. In the prior months, I had asked my managers to cut back on any purchases and they did. When I lifted our Company's self-imposed austerity measure in June, AXP without any advance notice rejected a charge for medical supplies that I had just ordered. When I contacted AXP they said that our current charges exceeded the average for the prior 3 months and demanded a $9000 payment in the MIDDLE OF A BILLING cycle or else all further charges would be denied. I did what any business owner with options would do: I emailed all my managers and told them to discontinue the use of and return all Amex cards to my office immediately and to no longer accept AXP cards as a payment option at any of our offices; and I closed all our AMEX accounts (including 2 business line of credit accounts plus merchant account). It took me less than a week to replace AXP. How long will it take AXP to replace my business?

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      • Oky MRIscan now see why it doesn't matter if you leave with your card. that you pay off each month and they get nothing for loaning you the money.Low income consumers without bank accounts have been charged exorbitantly high fees by banks and other financial institutions to put cash onto “stored value” credit cards, but now Wal-Mart (NYSE: WMT) and American Express (NYSE: AXP) are hoping to provide low income customers a lower-fee choice for stored value cards.

        Wal-Mart has slowly rolled out its “money services” at its stores over the last several years by offering some low cost financial services such as money orders, money grams, and check cashing. Now Wal-Mart is offering the ability for its customers to take their paycheck to Wal-Mart and deposit it onto a stored value card for just $3.00. The card that the consumer will receive is Visa branded and can be used anywhere that accepts Visa, not just Wal-Mart.

        American Express has offered its own version of stored-value cards that has put a focus on minimizing fees for consumers making it a viable option for the unbanked.

        These two options are excellent for low-income consumers that are unbanked. In some urban areas, consumers without banks are forced to rely on shady check-cashing services that charge high-fees. In some high-crime urban areas, criminals will wait for consumers to walk out of these check-cashing places and take the entirety of their victim’s paycheck at gun point!

        Wal-Mart and American Express are offering unbanked consumers a much better and safer option than they had previously available to them through these news services. Consumers in high-crime areas can now get their checks cashed without worrying about being mugged and will also no longer have to pay significant fees just to make use of their own money.

      • You had another option : Pay the $ 9000 bill and stop bragging about how much you charge every month . In these ecomomic times Amex , like any other lendor is more interested in what you pay back . Its quite easy to replace credit criminals who have to come on a message board to brag about their fascination towards Platinum + Gold cards . MRI medical supplies ,huh ? Is that the terminology these days and every office manager needs a gold card to purchase medical supplies ?

    • nobody believes you

    • Who give a sheeeet

    • axp is a funny stock to own.wide swings up and down.i believe its a smart company.They have to minimize there risk right many people right now will walk away from there homes and credit cards.the man f'd me again attiude.its not personal its buisness.maybe your just not amex material.

    • Don't worry, they don't miss you.

      They'll keep plugging away trying to sign up new customers anyways. They'll get some millionaires, they'll lose some.

    • coachphlieg Oct 23, 2009 12:47 AM Flag

      But if you pay it off every month, then what are they out in missing your business, other than awarding you an incredible amount of AA miles, or points that buy you a tie or socks along the way?

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