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  • kopach kopach Mar 17, 2010 1:00 PM Flag

    fools market collapse

    Just a massive pyramid scheme bust here. They keep taking markets higher with new money. They dont care because it is not there money. it is your money they are risking daily with new highs. They have kept this massive daily upgrade and or price targets raised with 5 to 29 at least . This is not fundamentals it is one masive bubble here.Probably 2000 points of recent upside is upgrade game gains.Oil will free fall it has been so manipulated world wide with no real demand as with commodities.

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    • U keep posting the same idiotic posts as the market keeps making new highs.

      Try the boo-foo boards for awhile.

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      • The markets are going higher; case closed. The FED is committed to low interest rates- NO MATTER WHAT THE OUTCOME. Home buyer credits will be extended thoughout the remainder of 2010. Although it will be a (pretend) last minute vote. The FED will continue to guarantee all bank mortgage loans while Obama continues to act as underwriter and writes down mortgage principles. Home prices were up something like the last 7 out of 8 months in a row. Unemployment has been dropping. Today's unemployment was worse than expected, but still indicitave of an improving economy (that is month to month improvement). Factory orders are up today for the 10th month out of 11. Automobile sales are booming; as I recally Toyota boasted of a 40% increase in sales...DESPITE MASSIVE RECALLS. To that we must credit the consumer who on an insatiable spending binge. It doesn't seem to matter to the world that the USA is printing money. As long as the dollar is spendable, the trick isn't how much is printed; the trick is getting as much as you can. I still think we could see 14,700 on the Dow by end of July. The problems facing Americans are long term. Billions were stolen during the phoney "false flag" credit crisis. More important is the fact that the FED encourages people to borrow and spend. However the problem facing Americans is millions of people retiring with no means of supporting themselves. I read within the last two weeks; 1. that people will need more than a million dollars in order to retire. 2. Then I also read that 43% of workers have less than $10,000 in the bank and 27% have less than $1,000. Automatically there is a problem when you see 1 and 2 together. People don't have money for their retirement. Contrary to what people may think, very few people can work till they drop. My advice is to accumulate for at least the next few months as the markets work dramatically higher. Because I've accumulated for a while I may take some off the table when the DJIA is in the 11,200 range, but I will continue to accumulate throughout the summer. As pointed out, the market is higher because of stimulus money. Well keep that thought in mind. Don't fall victim to spite. Take advantage of the situation. By the way, common sense should tell you the credit crisis was a false flag. Your confused because you can't understand 6% GDP, tremendous market gains, and production up every month. It may be against you nature, but if anyone just (pretends) that it was because the "crisis" was just a trick to steal billions, then it would make sense; wouldn't it? Right or wrong...I'm just asking naysayers to admit that it would fit.

    • You are absolutely right!!! I'm staying on the sidelines and will patiently wait for this market bubble to go BUST...This market can't stay up for too long.

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      • Have you noticed that every single market analyst is positive and is telling you to bug? Anyone exposing the market for the bubble it is....Is not allowed to speak on any cindicated show.

        You have to be POSITIVE to get on TV!! THe market is going up on nothing but cost cutting and the used of taxppayer funds to but back and forth between funds in order to inflate the ipirce and take you for a ride. rt zth

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