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  • mbg790 mbg790 Sep 10, 2013 10:07 PM Flag

    Why I Will No Longer Do Business nor purchase AMEX

    Mr. Robert Darringer and Staff
    Senior Vice President of Customer Relations
    American Express Corporation

    Re: Termination of Relationship with American Express

    Dear Mr. Darringer and Staff,

    Please find enclosed my American Express charge card. Due to the continued letters and ongoing credit reviews, which then result in credit limit reductions, it is obvious that my business is no longer appreciated by your company. Please note that a payment of $XX,XXX.XX (USD) was made to my account number XXXX XXXXXX XXXXX bringing my balance to zero. The account is closed. Please consider this letter written notification to remove me from all mailing lists and offers from your company.
    In my industry, when we have an unhappy customer we do everything we can to correct the issue, we do not send them multiple signals to go away. If they do leave, we do a detailed post mortem review and then devise corrective action to ensure such a situation never occurs again. If it impacts a customer that has been working with us for many years, and yes I consider 27 years a long time, executive management visits them personally to understand their issues and see what can be done to correct the situation. Again, that does not seem to be the approach American Express takes.
    Corrective Action: In concert with my coaching to you, here is the corrective action I am going to take. Whenever there is a senior management discussion or a board level discussion, at any of the companies I am engaged with, about whom we should consider for corporate travel and expense cards, I can assure you my vote will be against America Express. If they ask why, I will explain my experience with you and your office.
    Bottom line, the heavy handed approach American Express has taken indicates you do not want my business going forward. As such, your request is honored for my personal account, and will also be honored at each company where I am able to provide guidance about doing business with American Express

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