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  • extanker extanker Jan 31, 1999 10:47 PM Flag

    EOW & EOM

    EOW 108

    EOM 111 7/8

    Thanks JD!

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    • I believe we will have a great deal of fun at
      Hillary's expense if she runs for Senator of New York. Just
      think we can go all the way back to Arkansas again and
      relive everything. The President said she will make a
      great Senator. Can you imagine if he said she will make
      a lousy Senator. She has just as many skeletons as
      Billy boy. I wonder how many people she is responsible
      for having, let's say, accidents.

    • Was absolutely, and without any possible
      equivocation, including Professor Michael Stokes Paulsen's
      dissertation, the best synopsis that I have been privileged to
      read about this unthinkable travesty in American
      political justice! Thank you sir! The damage done BY
      PARTISANS (including a few misguided Republicans), is
      irreparable! Thanks again for your contribution on this
      matter. And it ceratinly does matter. I'm glad that this
      did not occur in my father's time, he would have had
      (like many of us) a very heavy heart indeed. Please
      Dear GOD, bless America, she sorely needs it! AMEN

    • Since I am not very eloquent in expressing my
      opinions I will borrow a synopsis from someone else that
      is as close as I've found to my feelings on the
      matter. This guy is from your neck of the woods, a
      liberal University in a liberal state which happens to be
      home for one "moderate" (interpretation: "liberal"),
      Michael Stokes Paulsen, a University of
      Minnesota law professor, said he "couldn't think of a
      sadder result to reach on Lincoln's

      Paulsen called President Clinton's acquittal "a
      constitutional tragedy of historic proportions. We have forever
      lessened the standards for the presidency and may have
      forever rendered useless one of the few meaningful checks
      against a lawless president.

      "If the president of
      the United States may be a felon and remain in
      office, impeachment is a dead letter, a constitutional
      scarecrow. Equally as bad, the Senate has allowed this out
      of short-term political expediency. The Senate's
      conduct of the trial has made a mockery of the
      Constitution and out of their oaths to do impartial

      "I am somewhat surprised that there were no
      Democrats who were willing to risk their political standing
      within the party to make a stand on principle," he
      The Senate is the body of government that is
      to "protect the people from THEMSELVES" meaning that
      public opinion has nothing to do with their decisions
      (that happens in the House of Representatives). Was
      'public opinion' not a factor here?

      When the final
      vote was taken the Senators were asked by the Chief
      Justice to state whether the President was guilty of
      PERJURY and/or OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE. Many had already
      publicly declared that they believe the President was
      guilty of PERJURY and/or OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE. Yet
      voted to acquit. No wonder they were BEGGING for a
      censure. They knew they had just made a complete mockery
      of the Constitution, the Judicial system, and of
      their responsibility as Senators. They desperately
      wanted to have SOMETHING to help explain their actions
      later (which would have been one final trampling of the

      So all you people who just wanted this to be you feel like it's over? Or has it just begun?
      Have we "raised the bar" for what we expect in our
      countries leaders? I say everybody is a loser in this one.

    • 94 1/2

    • Just a suggestion JD, Beep Beep, seems to have an insatiable thirst. Perhaps you might arrange for a few more water stations along the way! :)

    • Just looking at the numbers, mathematically I
      don't think it would be possible for anyone to move up
      to AZdryheat's current rating in just one week. Two
      or three weeks out things can change fast though.

    • Ok. Ok. I'll try one more time. My guess is 100.5 (no that's not the temperature out here----yet.)

    • to kiss up to the road runner??? :)

    • shoe-in for 4th place next week (unless you don't
      get a prediction in)...leaving WEM34, Joey, and
      queentuna to fight it out for the 5th spot. That's good
      though, we need to purge the top five list of these 6+

      For you trivia lovers, the date that will
      roll off the books next Friday is 10/2/98, pretty much
      the bottom of the '98 crash, it closed at 74 3/8, it
      then began its recovery, regaining 100 on 11/17.
      Extanker got the WIN with his prediction of 76 1/4. I
      didn't get the WIN, my prediction was off by $10.25 and
      no I wasn't the worst...someone was off by
      $12.875...I won't name names but his initials are
      Joey_Estrada. So with these double-digit numbers rolling off,
      you'd have to say..."Advantage JD and Joey" going into
      next week, will it be enough to keep Joey in the top

    • WATER STOPS. :)

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