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  • dgd001 dgd001 Feb 1, 2013 4:26 PM Flag

    Question about high yield

    DCIX yield certainly is high relative to net income based on a comment or two on this board. Some have commented that cash flow is really what to watch as well as their belief in strong management who knows this business. When I look at the DCIX website and their vessel charters daily rate and length / timing of the leases I'd say for 2012 their revenue will be dramatically higher than 2011. And cashflow (absent other major expenses) should reasonably cover the divy. Is this a reasonable view? I am not a shipping expert nor a financials wiz! .

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    • Read the article written by "The Street Wire" on Jan 29, 2013.
      This article has an opposite view from the article written by Mr. Mintznyer.
      "The Street Wire" upgraded DCIX.
      Don't trust just one side.
      Do the DD, and compare the facts.

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    • gdg,
      Yes, agree with your view.
      Someone is trying to steal our shares by bashing right now.
      Some greedy crooks did the "TREE SHAKING" on TNP,
      and caused TNP to drop down to about $3.00,
      and as soon the Shaking stopped, TNP went back up to over $4.35 fast.
      That's how the Crooks steal shares from shareholders.
      Never use the "STOP LOSS" feature. Crooks know how to break into that.
      Mr. Mintzmyer from the Seeking Alpha now calling people to sell DCIX,
      he must have an agenda to steal shares, or some Crooks are involved.
      Just Beware !!

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    • Management has indicated that it is not very likely that they will have to lower the dividend. It should be safe at 30 cents, if that is what you are worried about.

3.80Aug 23 3:12 PMEDT