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  • MINCE38 MINCE38 May 20, 2008 8:41 PM Flag

    Market Corruption!!!

    Im short IWM since yesterday at the open. Why arent the naked shorts coming out for the attack on the buffett/soros comments made today. Are they gonna wait for October and attack all at once.? If oil even just lolds at this level, the market canno0t keep this up. Not thru the year anyway. But....remember the old saying..........."The markets can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent." Who even knowes if there is a shorting"mafia" that work together to do this kinda stuff. As Gordon Gecko says..."You are either inside or you are outside" Thats why I cant stand it when someone else on this board makes fun of another person, because anyone who was a truly knowledgable guy, a real inside man, would never have to be here. So....lets all learn from each other.........and beat the hell out of this cockeyed market! I think the only reason this market is holding up is some big players are sick of holding treauries and are getting out of em. Bonds go opposite the market, so if treasuries keep going down, its about 80% corrollated the market goes up. So, wait till treasuries are back in style! Or wait till gold and oil go up a bit more. Crack! -) Get the popcorn boys. Get ready for the show in October.....or before. Yes, I am also long gold futures since about 870. They cant get my money anymore.

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    • I guess the short party is underway after all. See my post as to when I shorted. I am still holding short IWM,RTH BKE,XHB thru this weekend as I feel we will see a small bounce on monday or a steep decline. Meaning we will end up 75 pints on the dow or down 150-250. JMHO

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