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  • fueltheobsession Apr 3, 2013 12:20 AM Flag

    Is CLCT recession proof? DBTUNR?

    Been following this stock for some time now and am a bit worried about the state of the market. I'm recently long 1k shares at 11.7 and am thinking that this is a rather resilient stock. When/should the market tank more people will move stock gains into collectibles, driving up volume. Thoughts? Is this a buy and forget stock or do you think lower entry points might approach. Given the cert numbers this should be a record quarter. And thanks dbtunr for all the great insight, I have and continue to sincerely appreciate it

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    • I don't think any stock is buy and forget. This company is very transparent. They tell you every day how they are doing. Watch the stats page daily and the psacard page monthly to see numbers. Watch the US Mint stats page. If numbers start trending way down, then think about selling. I always keep money in reserve and watch for lower entry points.

      I think this stock tends to track disposable income partly, gold prices partly, and also run contra the stock market partly.

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      • "I think this stock tends to track disposable income partly, gold prices partly, and also run contra the stock market partly."

        Agree with that. And I think CLCT (and coins) will pick up Gold buyers driven out of the gold market by manipulators working down gold prices. They're not into working down the numismatic value of gold and silver coins.

        BTW, dbtunr you mention PSA numbers, but never have talked about number support, i.e., increased expenses like more graders, etc. How much of the increased revenue due to the higher numbers will reach the bottom line?

        P.S., I'm anxious to see if the Shorts have been wiped out. Can you wait? I can't. When the last Retail Short has bitten the dust, then the market will roll over. They wiped out and drove out Longs, and now they're working the Shorts. I also can't wait to see who Wall St. will work next after the Shorts. Bond buyers will probably be the next target for elimination. Maybe they've found a way to fleece Dark Pools? I doubt that! But who knows, Wall St. and their partner the government always needs to eat someone's lunch to keep fat and happy. I can't see Wall St. or the government getting slim. HAAHAHAH!!!

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