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  • dbtunr dbtunr May 1, 2013 9:46 AM Flag

    so how do shorts play it?

    huge short interest. If you go back and look at the increased short interest over time vs the share price, the vast majority of shorts are down slightly when dividends are factored in. The market has gone up considerably during that time. A new dividend is pending. Company set to announce record revenue.

    Since the shorts piled in, the share price has basically never been above $12 for long, so the blended share price for all of these short shares is probably around $11. With dividends factored in figure $10.50. Market up about 15% over that time period, shorts down about 15% over that time period. something is going to give very soon

    The short volume has been around 15% of all shares traded during this time period as well.

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    • someone shorted 9100 shares at 3:59.59 to make sure it closed lower. So the answer is shorts are expanding their shorts

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      • "So the answer is shorts are expanding their shorts"
        That's true, but it's not the answer.

        The answer, in part, is that the shorted CLCT shares are a gold sector short call. Shorts don't dig into fundamentals. They trade news headlines, and they shorted everything connected with gold today. We know CLCT will move the opposite way the gold mining and ETFs move (as far as revenues/earnings are concerned), because CLCT is a physical gold play via cert gold coins. Physical gold demand is soaring all over the World. CLCT certs will soar also.

        I see the FOMC came out today and blamed our govt for the eco's ills like I mentioned yesterday.

    • dbtunr, your posted messages indicate you believe stock prices are based on co. fundamentals.

      "something is going to give very soon"

      Not necessarily. CLCT could have blow out earnings, and the Shorts might still hold. Maybe Shorts are willing to incur cost -- even a high cost assuming they can't keep the stock from rising (which is unlikely) -- just hold a short position for reason(s) other than how CLCT is doing.

      IMO, the U.S. Gov't and Stock Market (they're partners) only need a slight breeze to get blown off the high cliff their standing on the edge of -- that's how unsound their footing is. So, if I was a Short, I wouldn't be worried. However, there are a whole slew of stocks I'd rather be short than CLCT. About the only co's I'd steer clear of shorting would be those co's that are food stamp use beneficiaries.

      But then I'm not in this Market/Casino except to gamble. I know the tables are riged, and I make allowances to account for the crooks' activities. One allowance I make is to not pay attention to fundamentals as far as stock price is concerned.

    • The only thing that is going to give is that pea brain of yours Dunbar. I've never read so much nonsense in my life. No wonder nobody responds to your idiotic posts.

      Time to change out your pocket protector isn't it?

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