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  • beefstu57 beefstu57 Jul 2, 2013 4:45 PM Flag

    Everyone hates Dunbar

    Didn't realize until I checked some other message boards how despised this loser is. The tool doesn't seem to have a friend either in cyber space or the real world. Goes around all day cleaning out his pocket protector and sending messages to himself on various message boards.

    Poor Dunbar.

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    • Mission Accomplished.

      What is that you say? Just a few months ago all your posts were about CLCT and how they were going to go BK. You were scaring away potential investors. Now you are fixated on me. Obsessed even. Never mind the company is doing great and the stock is rising. You are obsessed with me. Potential investors will just think you are some troll and ignore you. The Jedi Mind Trick works again.

      Yes, Mission Accomplished.

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      • "Just a few months ago all your posts were about CLCT and how they were going to go BK"

        dear dooshbg:
        Before today, when was the last time I posted on the CLCT board? Thanks again for proving to everyone what a dumb schmuck you are. I love it when you try to spar with me. How's your AAPL doing? How's your RVM? How about IDSY? NEVER FORGET - I OWN YOU! HAHAHAAHAHAHAHA!

      • The only one fixated here is you...fixated on pocket protectors that is.

        You try and ignore me but as soon as someone else calls you out as Casey does you get a set and decide to answer..please.

        Once a tool always a tool.

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