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  • dbtunr dbtunr Jul 16, 2013 2:48 PM Flag

    leveling off at a new higher plateau

    Seems like it is now trading at $14.50 +/- 30c

    the dividend announcement next week will push it higher (to a new 52 week high)

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    • hmmm. Guess I was wrong. New short term high just hit. Only 2% away from 52 week high

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      • pcbutler Jul 16, 2013 4:30 PM Flag

        db: It is prudent to start looking at multi-year highs instead of the 52 week high for CLCT. We need to consider the very real probability that this stock breaks out into the $17-$19 range in the next couple of months. Go into Yahoo Finance under the "Historical Prices" category and you will see previous highs in that $17-$19 dollar range. Ample precedent for this kind of price move, especially if the institutions are buying (see my earlier post on this topic).

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      • pcbutler Jul 16, 2013 4:18 PM Flag

        DB: The slow but steady climb of the stock price through the $13's and now the $14's too strongly indicates institutional and not so much individual buying. I have seen this kind of pattern many times before in other stocks I have owned. This portends very well for CLCT, as it appears several institutional buyers with buy orders on their desk gradually ease into the stock awaiting the next earnings announcement. This steady purchasing of the stock day in and day out and gradual price appreciation (after all, when someone sells, someone else has to buy) hints at a big price explosion when the earnings report is outstanding in a few weeks.

        We may be looking at $15/share a few days after dividend is declared, but then + - $17 when the earnings report is revealed. I don't think the insider sales of Mr. Duncan changes this scenario in the slightest, as it appears to me he is just selling small amounts above $14 (like you had noticed earlier) as needed for cash flow and lifestyle purposes.

        Let's see how it goes and what happens in the next month. It should be fun, and I am sure Beefstu57 will enjoy watching this too.

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      • I just realized that if I am wrong that it plateau, then I am right that it is going to $15. That means the stooge is by beyotch

      • Your whole life is wrong. Get used to it.

    • the funny thing is, just 6 months go a certain stooge was calling for BK from the company. Man has he been killed by this in his imaginary portfolio.

    • Dunbar the where's $15/share that you have been talking about for months?

      You have trouble even counting to 15 let alone this nugget getting there.

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