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  • caseyboy2 caseyboy2 Jul 18, 2013 5:39 PM Flag

    Dbtunr is a dumb schmuck. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    There's a lot more where this came from. The neat thing about a serial poster is that everything they post is on the record. Here's dblosr from 1/19/12:

    "If I owned that GOOG dog, I be busy researching to see if it was time to sell. Glad I don't own that #$%$. Can't see why anyone would". GOOG at that time closed at 639.57. Currently 910/share. I made a fortune with GOOG despite dblosr's warning. He said the same thing about AMZN. There are plenty more quotes from dblosr proving what a LOSER he is. CLCT may be a good investment. The only problem is that dooshbg likes it too, and dooshbg is a born LOSER! Less

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    • Here's dblosr from 4/2/13 regarding another of his loser stocks - RVM.

      "Maybe $1.98 was the tipping point and the MM hit that and then you get the cascade. I bought another 1000 at $1.91". RVM closed yesterday at .69. I'm guessing dooshbg probably owns 50,000 shares. Dooshbg is living proof that it is possible to survive without a brain. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I REALLY DO OWN THIS POOR DUMB SCHMUCK!

    • Dear dooshbg:
      Speaking of imaginary portfolios, yours must be imaginary because you couldn't afford the losses if it were real - IDSY, RVM, HYSR, VOXW, ESCL, AAPL, etc, etc, etc. You did say you worked for the government, didn't you? YOU POOR DUMB SCHMUCK! Does your family know that you blew your inheritance? Know wonder you need financial aid in order to send your kid to college.

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