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  • beefstu57 beefstu57 Jul 22, 2013 2:26 PM Flag


    I wouldn't pay too much attention to poor Dilbert. The imbecile can't even properly determine where the stock closed at on Friday. He doesn't have "a set" so he wouldn't take me up on my offer to see if the stock hit $13 or $16 first even though at the time of the offer (and still now) the stock is closer to $16 than $13.

    As to the has blown it's wad (Dilbert knows a lot about that) and you will see a steady decline in the PPS over the rest of the summer. Still has not closed at $15 (despite the imbecile's claim) and has shown steady weakness over the last several trading days.

    Let's continue to show the few folks that wander over to this board just how much we own poor Dilbert. The guy is such the clown. It's so fun to make a fool out of him day after day after day after day after day.....

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    • "It's so fun to make a fool out of him day after day after day after day after day"

      You've got that right, Stu. Although it was generous of you to make your offer to dooshbg. Again, If it wasn't for dooshbg owning it, I would consider buying. It's just that he's a born LOSER! As a dividend play, it's not a bad investment. But it's so damn boring. The 2 stocks that I really like are IBM and CAR.

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      • I wouldn't get too excited about CLCT. Volume has dried up and the stock price continues to struggle reaching and maintaining $15/share. Plus like you stated if Dilbert is interested in it you know it is a loser.

        The guy is such a imbecile. He first tries to ignore us and gets ridiculed on a daily basis. He then tries to go on the offensive and gets ridiculed on a daily basis. The goof has this black cloud that follows him around.

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