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  • dbtunr dbtunr Aug 22, 2013 10:07 AM Flag

    ANA show report: PCGS overwhelmed

    from Doug Winter, a prominent dealer (other dealers reported this too)

    - PCGS was so slammed by submissions for walk-throughs that they shut off grading – and when I left the show on Friday, they still hadn’t returned coins. Had they done so, I would have had the appetite for more new purchases. And I’m sure so would have other dealers. (note: show submissions are the most expensive and highest margin)

    - There seemed to be more foreign dealers at the show than usual.
    I didn’t count the exact number of Brits, Brazilians, and Bolivians – but taking a stroll through the foreign/ancient section of the show was interesting and, for a coin show, downright cosmopolitan. For me, the ANA has an interesting social aspect. There are overseas dealers who I literally see once per year and my annual three minute “heyhowyadoin’” chat always occurs at the ANA.

    - Modern coins made huge inroads at the 2013 ANA show.
    Chances are good that if you go to your local regional show, you will see moderns. But the ANA wasn’t a place I expected to see dealers like APMEX with the mack-daddy of all coin show tables. (If my hefty-sized table was Oklahoma, they were Texas…) The strong presence of modern and bullion-related dealers at this year’s show sends a clear message: more and more, the coin market is about alternatives to classic or vintage coins.

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