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  • dividendseeker dividendseeker Dec 18, 2013 11:26 AM Flag

    Be Realistic

    I meet a lot of people on the forums who believe that every stock they buy is perfect and should go up and never go down. They bash anyone who has an opinion that differs from their own. Being a shareholder and realistic investor, I realize this stock has fallen out of favor and the big money is taking profits going into year end. Seeing this stock down 3 - 4% in one day doesn't scare me one bit. In fact, it actually makes me happy. I can use this year end profit taking to buy a good company at much cheaper prices. I hope it goes even lower; maybe down to even 50$. I think the offshore drillers are the best place in the overall energy sector. Truth is If you love a company you should be happy when your given an opportunity to buy it at cheaper prices.

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    • Let's be even more realistic. I could probably safely assume that the majority of the people that comment on this board buy their shares, especially with regards to share prices like Ensco's, in the 100's or 1000's. During these price fluctuations we may be able to pick up an extra hundred or so shares, if we're lucky.

      What is excellent to me is that Ensco still has a large cash surplus and authorization from the SEC to buy back ESV shares. It is opportunities like this where Ensco can get the most bang for the buck and buy back huge amounts of shares. This does nothing but help the common investor.

      On the flip side though there are two groups of investors where these large swings really hurt. The panicky investor who jumps out of the stock at each drop will tend to take extensive damage over time. Also, those retirement investors who are at the age where they need to start withdrawing from their accounts. Where they took advantage of the dollar cost averaging when building their portfolios, now they're getting hit in reverse by the same thing...withdrawing more shares at each withdrawal to achieve the same "income".

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      • I see where your coming from. I use trading around a core position to work my positions. I keep a core amount of shares for the dividend and then trade around it as the price goes up and down in the short term. For those who panic sell, I don't fee sorry for them. anyone who sells on whim is not doing the necessary homework on their companies. I understand what your saying about retirees. I would like to believe that anyone in retirement would have saved enough that they could live off the interest without touching the principle, but I understand that is in a perfect world.

    • Big oil is cutting back capex. That is something they haven't done in a while and it should be a little scary? No?

    • hey, why don't you go troll warren buffet on his IBM purchase, that's down too. he could really use your advice.

    • your narcissism makes me laugh. you think you're the only one who knows this? read every other post today, they're all saying the same thing, nobody is panic-selling.

    • when *you're given an opportunity to buy it. the more you post, lthe less intelligent you seem.

      long-term investors who are happy to collect the dividends aren't worried. in general, the theme on this board has been, what a great buying opportunity. you're not telling people anything they don't already know.

      the only person who needs to be realistic is YOU. you're the one who is acting like a complete douche and somehow think you're rubbing salt in people's wounds. "i sold at 62, haha" congratulations, my cost basis is 52.

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