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  • scappy25 scappy25 Jul 11, 2013 11:03 AM Flag

    Can someone fill me in?

    I'm admittedly not getting the full story here and if you want to trash me for being ignorant I'd appreciate it if you just didn't respond...

    It looks like there's nothing but bears here. SMTX looks like it has a good product. Looking at past posts on this board it looks like the same things are being said now as were said in 2011 in a similar time of upheaval. Only, this isn't as bad as 2011. And you know what followed 2011... Do people think this is going to go down to 0? The last earnings announcement sounded like there were some good things in the pipeline. Are we not to believe that? Thanks in advance.

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    • Are you a pig? If not, we have a blackout/whiteout. As stated in a previous post, earnings will reflect the final costs associated with closing the Markham facility and adjustments on the books for the the new China facilities. I can't confirm the loss of accounts because they haven't announced any material change and I believe those kind of events apply in a well run company. We have a looming delisting due to poor design of the board and vacancy's in the senior management. The main dirver here is how badly the institutional owners want a return on their investment and how quickly. Most are at or above their entry prces, so it wouldn't take much upside for a sale.

      The timing of the earnings announcement is curious. Prevents all that AH red that normally occurs. My dream is to see some AH green.

      Sentiment: Hold

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      • Hey native_copper you are a swine and that is why I do not post anything worth talking about on this board. I have email friends and that is where the conversations are held! You Pig! Can't even contribute to a normal conversation without using names all the time........

      • And if I am a pig? Lol. I purchased a very small number of shares at $2 and have no plans to buy more or sell what I have already in the near future. I hope some good news drives the price up but it sounds like none is forthcoming at this time. Thanks all.

      • Conversely, N. Copp. a morning release means it could run up all day. l.o.l. I still have hopes they still have something up their sleeve to get the pps up significantly, at least for the near term. Remember W. J. Randall, a director, bought 52,300 at pps of $1.99 not too long ago. Why???. Here is the dream scenario I would like to see: at the August release they state they are either in negotiation to sell or have sold the whole ball of wax for somewhere near $2.95 ps. I wouldn't get rich but I would be out with a small profit. Anyone else smoking what I am??

    • No one here knows anything. This company has no direction and is a total disappointment. Most hope for anything positive but don't hold their breath. I've bought my last share and hope for a miracle pop to dump into. Averaging down has been a terrible mistake for me here for 2 years plus. Lessoned learned. Never buy stocks like this ever again! !!!!

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