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  • OutWithTheOld OutWithTheOld Apr 29, 1999 6:33 PM Flag

    Tell ya what, Mark47

    While this board seems to consist of experts in
    OTHER stocks but not very smart in this one, I would
    love for you to just post the symbols and prices of
    your picks today. Then in a month let us know how you
    did. So many of you, including MR! Swamp, pick stocks
    from the rear view mirror. While hindsight is 20/20,
    its also quite boring. I am here to learn about
    Now back to Switzerland. Mexico. Excessive travel.
    Nuskin. Earnings. Cash on hand. Buddy system hiring. All
    of the juicy stuff that makes this such a great
    stock. Has anyone heard when the earnings (ha!) will be
    out or when the conference call is? Will Mark LeDoux
    be on it?
    As for your gender, I am always
    looking a profiles to see if I can find out if Mark is
    using plants to post on this board. That's why I am so
    sure you aren't one of them, you are too damn smart.
    Should have paid a little more attention in spelling,

    Earnings soon!

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    • gave in last year-
      Check ABH(H) board I
      recommended from 1 1/4 up+ over last 6 months- my goodness my
      advice has been better than even my own
      Even my selling signal for NAII at $4 was not off
      mark- my goodness- a real diary of my advice, and you
      people just try to correct spelling errors.

    • I will remind you of this many times because if
      you followed uo would have doubled your money=check
      the 3 and only 3 I mentioned LINK (rose 50% last 10
      days) ITIG was in 6's last month, Prls was as high as
      14 1/2 since my recommendation-gee give me same
      advice and I will send you lifetime annuities!!!!!

    • OK Exoudel, no argument with your last post. NAII
      is a small company that is obviously subject to
      influence vis a vis the Ledoux family. As such, feel free
      to keep Mr. Ledoux honest. (If I may be so bold, I
      would recommend stating anything you find out very
      matter-of-factly though; stating your findings as personal attacks
      on Mr. LaDoux will just end up having them ignored
      as the rantings of a jilted ex-employee or friend.)
      (BTW, your last post, I think, accomplished this

      In the meantime, let's try to get some more info on
      this company and its prospects.

    • What do you think I have been doing here. This
      isn't water cooler gossip. This is FACTUAL information
      that totally pertains to the way this company
      I know you don't want me rehash it all but just for
      grins try a few on.
      Marks pattern of putting NAI
      facilities the same place as his vacation homes and where
      his relatives live. Switzerland and Mexico
      the wifes voice coach to now be a NAII executive.
      Consulting agreements with relatives that are not in the
      best interests of NAI or the shareholders.
      144 at HUGE prices before publicly disclosing they
      had fired the most important person in the company at
      that time.
      These are facts. Research what you will.
      You will get to this stuff sometime. If you can get
      Mark on the phone, ask him!
      That's just the gossip
      We could go analyze the Q's and K's and see
      the pattern that ended mysteriously when Spencer
      left. We could correlate that to the downturns in the
      industry and the other crutches they use to hid ineptness.
      Or we could deal with what is. And what is, is this.
      You don't want to know the truth! Okay, I get that.
      Got some bad news for ya...TOO BAD. You only have one
      choice. Stop reading my posts because I will not stop
      until I know Mark LeDoux is running this company the
      way he knows how. With integrity and ability. He had
      it at one time. He just needs to relearn how to do
      There is no personal vendetta here. I like
      LeDoux as a person. I think he is lost and confused. I
      think he will find his way out of the jungle. I just
      want it to be sooner rather than later.

    • Let's focus on the company, not personalities. If
      you have some situation that is personal about LeDoux
      that relates to business, then maybe it makes sense to
      tell us. Otherwise save your gossip for the water

      Thank you!

    • Once again, it seems that some people have lost
      their focus of this board. It is about a company, not
      about "friends", "relatives", "ex-employees" and other
      people who care to air their personal problems that they
      may have or do have with NAI. I would like to hear
      more information about NAI, and less about people and
      their personal gripes against NAI. And no, I am not
      associated with NAI or their staff.

    • Oh jees, Matriarch! Now you are claiming I(!) am
      an insider!

      I am the guy who finally jumped
      into this message posting to try to stop the petty
      backbiting and meaningless claims about who hates who, who
      works for who, order to try to get some good
      old fashioned facts out about this company through
      good old fashioned research. All my facts are from
      press releases or the 1997 Annual Report. Nothing
      "inside" about my stuff, sorry. (Go back and re-read my

      To ease you mind, I have never been to Carlsbad, CA
      (or wherever NAII's headquarters is), I don't know
      anyone who works at NAII, heck,I've never even taken a
      vitamin before (not counting Flintstones many years ago),
      I just recently began investing in this stock and I
      live 2000 miles from CA.

      I really hoped
      (actually still hope) that 50 people would join in and do
      some good hard research on this company, so we can all
      determine whether to: 1) Stay in, 2)Get out, 3)Buy more. I
      spent a little time sharing some of MY research in the
      hopes of getting others to contribute meaningful
      discussion. I hope others will do the same.

      And, by
      the way, not all research has to turn up positive
      things. We need to know negative things too. But let's
      keep all the feedback on a meaningful level. Again,
      posting that Mark Ladeux's ex-wife's, sister's, cousin is
      a lesbian televangelist really has no value to any
      discussion on whether or not to buy, sell or hold this

      C'mon doesn't ANYBODY have anything meaningful to
      contribute about this stock or even this industry? BTW, I
      have ordered a copy of the 1998 annual report; I'll
      let you know what I find out since all I have is a
      '97 report.

    • They must be fooling someone, else why did the price tank?

    • the article is describing a company in the
      past...from the press releases since that time, much has
      changed-you know it, and so do I...your explanations of
      "things" leads me to draw the conclusion that you are
      accepting info. from sources not available to the average depth details that are not easy to glean from
      what is published...why is that? I have stated that I
      am an ex-employee, and have first hand knowledge of
      people/personalities, but you, tech doggie, keep pumping out info that
      remind me of typical "LeDouxisms" a round about way of
      saying you have inside info....tell me, did they plan to
      declare the building losses as a way to report income
      once they had a valid tennant for the Carlsbad
      building?? An easy way to bring back income and make future
      profits appear better than they are??
      If I can catch
      on to this...then anyone can.....who are they

    • the article talked about NAI in December of 1998.
      That's not the company we have today. LeDoux has run off
      all of the talent. All that remains are drunks, bible
      thumpers and yes men. The web site sucks. But on the last
      conference call anyone was INVITED TO, the new management
      team said they were updating it. Didn't happen. Said
      they were getting proactive with the investors. Didn't
      happen. And said they were poising the company for the
      future. Hasn't happened. What we are reading is planted
      drivel. Look at the facts. Nothing is happening. Sales
      down. Earnings down. Yes DOWN. Look inside the numbers.
      Write off of the building or no writeoff, we are headed
      south fast. And we are just watching it happen. And
      LeDoux thinks he's doing his job. News for you MARKIE!
      You AREN'T!
      It's too bad Swamp killed everyone off
      with his wonderful "buy alert" on ITIG. I miss
      his/her/mark/julie/lavender slanted view.

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