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  • quantum_analyst quantum_analyst Jan 4, 2013 3:00 AM Flag

    Take a look at what most of the assets of the company actually are - thin air !!!

    Goodwill = 891,914
    Other intangible assets, net = 1,486,785

    Total assets = 3,118,701

    So, 76% of the total assets of this company are intangible - estimated - and in fact non existent.

    So the company is NOTHING - 0 - nada - zilch - not even a shell, not even the hot air within a baloon - this is a sham and will collapse more quickly than HLF

    Wait until Einhorn and Aikman get a hold of this one - I bet they are shorting it as you read this.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • just like the nothing in a donut hole that will make the investors rich???

    • Dunkin Donuts will be over $100 in 5 years.
      It's one the strongest business' in N.E. area and expanding west and already over sea's. And basket robbins in growing rapidly over in China. They know what they are doing and they have excellent products that sell like crazy.

    • What you post about DD, the same can be said of MCD. The major asset of MCD is its brand name and brand management. That is the hot air you are posting about. However, MCD is still one of the most valuable company on Earth. Is DD another MCD? Only time will tell.

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      • I called LCC too ohigh based upon its numbers - now dosn from 15.38 to 13.3x

        KKD I called as too high - down from 13.58 to we.7x

        DNKN should be trading at 25 - it is one of the Baines Capital raped companies - look at the amount they pulled OUT of it - more than 25% of what it is worth today - so what makes it so good today - ESTIMATED future expansion which is hot air.

        Donuts - no way - sandiches - PNRA has it covered - ethnic food - CMG is so far ahead that DNKN has no chance - so withone disappointing earnigs call it will crater to 25 at the most - so look at the brand all you want - when this brand loses value - one food poison- one horsemeat sandwich - one spoiled donut - the brand failuire alone would take it down over 50%

        Buying high is the worst possible investment strategy

        Aldo - just for a thought to leave you with - if this stock is so graet why are insiders selling it every week?

        You are smarter than management? Yeah - sure

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • So you buy stocks based on their assets rather than their earnings? Ha ha. Good luck with that.

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      • The debt to equity ratio is one of my key variables most urgently when a significant percentage of assets are "goodwill".

        I did not invent the importance of this factor. I studied balance sheet analysis for 2 years at Wharton.

        It is not unusual for an important brand to be associated with goodwill but in this specific case the following are thge risk factors I see:

        1. Return on equity, gross and net profit margin are all materially over stated due to the "equity...assets" that are in fact thin air.

        2. Read about YUM brands and their recent problems with contaminated ingredients in their China restaurants. The BRAND was damaged and given Dunkin is expanding in China they also increase the risk that a problem in any of their foreign franchises would decrease the brand's value quickly and yet, the goodwill on the balance sheet would, given historical data, not be updated to reflect the brand damage until the 10-K which is DNKN's case would be 10 months.

        Any Brand problem would materially place all past financials in a possble need of restatement and all analyst estimated and recommendations would immediately become invalid.

        Thanks for asking.

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