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  • feliciatate398 feliciatate398 Oct 19, 2012 12:21 AM Flag

    Bad Managment Fred

    I cannot believe you preached ownership, Trust, and Loyalty, and then crap down your people who help you build GNTX , you desirve the bed you have created. Heck the Market people even see your amount of inventory explode, can't blame that on crisis around the world that was 2 years ago, How about blame it on your test tube baby you hired from JCI...

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    • THATS FREDDY!! the trust and loyalty is one way at GNTX! has used everyone he could and spit them out when they were worn out! He a user, a rich one now!!!...what does he care..??? But the gig is up now.............they have nothing left....No nothing!!

    • For goodness sake, what JCI are you talking about?? I know JCI and Gentex very well, and JCI is ethical, logical, lean, transparent, and fair. I have never seen better leadership. Gentex has had recent leadership issues for sure, but let's hope they can get it together and keep it together. Our community is stronger with Gentex than it is without them. When your neighbors lose their jobs and move away, and your home values fall more than they already have, and then the stores start closing, how will you feel then?

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      • I do not disagree with you the area will be better with Gentex here. But to say firing all there long term people to replace with with friends and family of the new managment not thinking of the company is not good at all. Also all the tax break Gentex gets from the state for hiring people, only to fire Long term people, Net people hired is 0. So michigan pays Millions in tax breaks, then has to pay millions in Unemployment on top of 0 results of actually adding Jobs.
        I hope the best for them, ( I Mean Gentex employees) but they need a couple people out of upper Managment before it will get better, because there take on gentex is, screw the employees its all about them, and if Fred cannot figure out who they are by Now, he himself will find out shortly, so wake up Fred, you where a leader Like no other years ago, you were the one to listen to, we all learned a great deal from you. You Now need to stand behind your videos you made, and teached your own/new hopefully leaders, today your current leaders are laughing at you within, you need to get them out soon.
        JCI may be running great now that the sour apples came to Gentex a few years ago. All I can say is I hope Fred Opens his doors and lets the stink out and lets some fresh air in.

      • Oinside66, maybe you should go ask the 100 experienced and talented (read expensive) people that Gentex has let go to cover for the inept management decisions how they feel? It is anything but ethical, transparent, or fair much less consistent with their stated values.

        Sentiment: Hold

    • they do not look too bad to me. other issues here like what they are doing with cash...earning such low returns on Treasuries. gntx and Freddie need a massive share re-buy program. (cash on the baloney sheet will attract takeovers. maybe a plus for us public owners) And NO cheap option hand outs that would dilute the effect of a share buyback program.
      I also see where the EX V-P is buying some shares at these price levels.

    • Who is the test tube baby? What is going on on the inside?

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