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  • Fanofstan Fanofstan Sep 30, 1999 1:01 AM Flag

    thomson volume data vs yahoo volume dat

    The big volume days the stock would run in large
    volume spurts of 20 to 30 minutes then slow down for 30
    to 45 minutes. It was very orderly going right down
    the line cleaning out each offer a market maker had
    at each price interval. Does anyone know when the
    institutional report gets issued for september. I believe if
    that were a high percentage of day traders you would
    have seen a more substancial pullback.

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    • I watched it closely all day. You're on the
      money, super accumulation, but not very big trades.
      Retail{read,public as opposed to inst.}buying. I believe were
      wearing out the sellers.
      Interesting note, In oct.
      1995 stock traded about 10.07 million shares. Volume
      this mo. with today yet to go is over 10.250 mil shs.
      Impressive even tho i'm sure there is more day trading now
      than back then. I'm sure were going over 5 to stay
      very soon. It is becoming a very compelling story.
      Couple yrs. ago found a semiconductor co. in Ct. called
      ATMI. Bought a lot at 4-4 1/2, 3 yrs later stock was
      40-42. nice to dream.