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  • mikeoc597 mikeoc597 May 17, 2001 11:13 PM Flag

    big bill stowell...

    is probably licking his chops! free money for bill. pay 1.00 per share and sell immediately for a profit. no wonder he's the CFO. i would just once like to see any officer of this company buy his options and HOLD them for more than a day or two. FAT CHANCE!!!


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    • Really enjoy your cheerful posts you keep adding to the board. Makes me wonder, if you lost total faith, then why still post here?

      rather pointless

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      • Coso, I had the exact same thought. Everyone is frustrated but but rational thoughts and cooler heads always prevail. Life is to short to run around spewing venom. People need to understand that nothing is guaranteed and people had their chance to sell this stock at north of $15. If you didn't then learn from your mistakes. I did take some off of the table at $13 and above. Unfortunately I bought it all back at around $6. However I own a lot under $2. I have been a dpac stock holder for 5 years and always keep adding to my core position. But I have always made money on my trading stock. Every share I own will be sold for substancially more than I paid for it. What good does it do to come on and personally attack people. Trust me the employees of dpac want this stock to move upward even more than we do. In some cases it is 80% of their entire portfolio. He shouls sell it instead of bitching and moaning. You seem like you are tuned in, What is your line of work?