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  • stickstock stickstock Jun 19, 2001 5:26 PM Flag

    Picked up a little more DPAC yesterday

    Got it at the 2 mark.

    Lets see what we see.

    Long and Hindsighted,

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    • Did a little pre-earnings buying myself. I will paying particular attention to the conference call and see what details emerge about the NEC deal and other new products. I believe that there is a fortune to be made in the solutions end of this business.
      That order represents where this company is headed. When Ted announced the acquisition of pep he said it was intended to funnel engineering business dpac's way and make them a solutions driven company. This is a clear indication that the process has begun.
      With the industry in the toilet and the lawsuit in its intense stage during April and May a breakeven or better quarter would be an excellent sign.
      Whatever you see this quarter will only get better as the new products come on line , the industry recovers and the core products return to previous revenues and the legal expenses go away.
      Remember it was one year ago before the industry collapsed that dpac did 6 cents a share. The company as it sits today is much healthier and poised for growth. Sometimes it is frustrating investing in smaller companies because it takes awhile even when you know things are going well for that to reach the stock price.
      I myself have been frustrated by events in the last couple of months, The market in general has been brutal. I have always tried to paint an accurate picture of this company and the market it addresses. Remember shortstock's post of yesterday. Almost time to cover, not yet wait until $1.55. Look at all of Pussyboys (tiger) posts. Their time is about over. By the fall they will be a distant memory. (Although something tells me that they will be back under different names going "This pos is not worth $7 a share")
      Those of you who know me realize I am in this industry. Those of you that know me well realize I take my investments very seriously. 2-3 of you know how much of this I own. I am glad that I own dpac and feel it on the verge of big things.