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  • jf_teacher jf_teacher Jul 10, 2001 9:57 PM Flag

    More Clarifications

    (1) There is no buyback. The annouced buyback several months ago was cancelled when management thought it wiser to hang onto cash reserves during poor economic conditions. Right now DPAC's cash reserves are too low for any reasonable buyback.
    (2) Check Insider sells. What concerns me about the new option plan is how quickly company insiders dump shares on any reasonable rise in DPAC... dragging the stock price down. Seems to be cyclical. Issue options to employees when DPAC is low in price. Hype the stock with press releases. Small investors and a few institutions push price up on low daily volumes. Insiders unload quickly dragging back down the stock price. Most small investors take losses in disgust. Management requests more stock options for employees... then the cycle begins all over again. Check the multi-year chart.

    Just a word of caution. Microcaps can be easily manipulated by insiders. I am suspecious that managemnet never really intended the buyback.

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    • That was a home run and I think the ball landed out of the ballpark.

    • These people don't hold up when you bring up their own words. This is strictly one of shorthander many alias's. How about tiger coming on today and saying that he was posting under another name last year. I will say one thing for the longs, Stan, Adobe, Stick etc..... At least the don't run when things are bad and they are consistent.

      Let's start right now and ignore these juveniles, flaming them only makes it worse. Apache, Stan didn't drag this little fairie from the stec board. He shows up when the other alias's he has lose credibility. Focus on the positive and use the ignore button.

    • Someone's accumulating, fanofpam doesn't have a clue:just smells his/her upper lip, it is certain that FOS has brought some uninvited guests from the STEC board. How IS this company going to grow. Stick, you seem to know a great deal about DPAC, who heads up APG (advanced packaging group, who heads up SDG, and who heads up AVMG for DPAC. Didn't DPAC hire some SEG,NEC,and other related executives this year?

    • I smell a bunch of junie boys dribbling this basketball on the day courts for coppers. Scum like you will do or say anything here for your frigging brown your words "big deal".

      Lucky run? No. DPAC should trade back at the 52 week high, by 1Q02. The market's looking for bargains. DPAC has forward prospects.

      And before, shit for brains, you attempt your amateurish slam bullshit on me, pussy, go hack up that hair ball you got from licking yourself somewhere else. You've got you nose shoved so far up your ass you couldn't tell fresh air and daylight if your were dropped onto Tahiti.

    • Anna, up 50% big deal. A year ago you were at $17. Still no mention of anything great here. Puny company. Puny message board. Puny minds. Take your A-cup wanna be a guy message elsewhere.

      Where's FOS in his rah-rah DPAC cheerleader skirt? Wearing your g-string? Something fishy here with this lucky run? I smell tuna.
      Meow meow...hack hack... hairball company and posters.

    • "Last year at this time you were riveted to my posts" ???????????? Was that under your alter ego? There is no record of you until April of this year. Could you enlighten us as to your identity at that point. The only two I ever commented on were Fanofstan and twocats. You don't hold a candle to fos and if you are twocats why the change in identity.
      You know it is really sad that ever one of your posts contains "You don't know who I am or You don't know my presence here" Yeah we don't and don't want to. Run along Kitty boy. In your own words "Nothing is happening here and won't be at least until November" Up only 50% since that bit of genius. No one here even acknowledges your posts anymore. Meow Meow.

    • Phony? Last year at this time you were rivited to my posts. You misunderstand my presence here.

    • ...with anything in your post.

      And I'd like to think my sense of humor holds up pretty well too. But that's my opinion and I'm happy to share it with me any time I want to listen to me.

      Sincerely (by the Pompous-Pain-In-The-Ass),

    • I see your point stick but I also identify with fos and his comments. He is the straightest shooter on the board and has a wicked sense of humor. Even you had to laugh at the Lord Cornwallis reference. He isn't one of the boys and doesn't appear to want to be. He is really wired in, and I and a lot of others rely on him for guidance.
      You are diligent and thorough and do a lot of cutting and pasting. He is not looking for info, he appears to be right in the thick of it when it is happening. I was getting tired of the same people posting 10 times a day on an issue that was decided before it was printed. He was also the one who jumped a couple of longs for celebrating a 50 cent move when most people were under water. He was also the first one to identify Tiger as the phony we all know he now is.
      I offended Adobe a while back and I know his stopped posting for awhile, I felt bad about it. I personally think you both are valuable and bring a lot to the board. Fos keep up the dialogue and don't lose that humor or spirit but tone it down just a hair.
      I loved fans line about "there never being a better time to be a dpac shareholder". Stick, I think fans also glad you are not his wife. I get the feeling we are all about to be rewarded for our patience.

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