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  • i_shot_a_chupacabra_in_jalisco i_shot_a_chupacabra_in_jalisco Sep 23, 2013 2:41 PM Flag

    Message to CERE Management:

    You clowns watched and did nothing as the PPS fell from a high of almost $61.00 to $1.36 today.

    And now that OXBT trades pennies above its all-time low, the "plan" now is to do.... what? Pump out meaningless PRs?

    Do you fools seriously believe the investment community is going to ever again take a chance in investing money in your failed company? Take a look at the result of today's press release: OXBT is not *up* today - it's down.

    And OXBT is down today because - again - the investment community clearly realizes there's ZERO reason to buy this stock.

    This is what happens when a company is "managed" by an incompetent, Missing in Action Board of Directors. The BOD has clearly not cared about OXBT for a long, LONG time; as a result, why should anyone else?