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  • i_shot_a_chupacabra_in_jalisco i_shot_a_chupacabra_in_jalisco Sep 24, 2013 10:18 AM Flag

    My, what a surprise! Another down day for OXBT.

    Will the people ostensibly running this so-called company EVER deliver ANYTHING of substance that results in the stock going up?

    And I'm not talking about lame update press releases, or "news" about submitting long overdue studies to the FDA.

    How many times does this company need to deal with a potential delisting notice before they get clued into the fact that positive and substantive news about the company's products are the ONLY thing that will EVER result in stock price appreciation?

    Instead, however, shareholders are given dilutive financing news, or reverse split news, or conference attending "news" for years and years and years.

    None of these people should be overseeing a publicly traded company, as they simply do NOT understand how to provide a return on investment to shareholders.