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  • jimbonano jimbonano Mar 25, 2013 9:57 AM Flag

    117 holders

    If there are only 117 shareholders then this gives me confidence that many (most) of those holders are in for the long haul and no just a bunch of flippers.

    They are waiting for news that will drive MultiCell much higher and they won't be tempted with a penny here or there.

    Example: I have owned shares for years and yes l have felt some frustration at the stagnant PPS.
    However, I did not spend (gamble away) the kid's supper money or tennis-shoe money. And realizing (before buying MCET) that this is a penny play and thus I can lose it all, I decided to just let it ride and not play the game of selling on a half cent rise and hoping to get back in on a 3/4 cent drop.

    Such would be a nuisance and consume my time.
    I hope most of the other 116 holders feel the same way - - just let it play out and see what shakes out.

    I still believe there is potential for MCET to break out on new discovery, partnership, breakthrough, product acceptance, patent, or even a buyout - - any of which could allow MCET to BREAK-OUT for a nice profit.

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    • IMO The original post still stands un-refuted --
      Most of the 117 holders are, in fact, in for the LONG haul -
      Unlike many PENNY Plays, MCET may not hit a home run tomorrow, but they have a whole team of players in the dugout which if even one of these does hit one for extra bases then the long wait will have been worth it.

      At that point, when one of their patents/products goes viral, then a major Pharm or major Industry will pick them up, buy them out, partnership with them, or invest with them for production and distribution and there will be no looking back from that point.

      Sure, I have been frustrated at times (as a holder for many years), but this is not a Penny play to flip and short and flip again. Doing so will bite you and leave you holding an empty bag at some point in the future.

    • There are many long term shareholders. MCET will have approval of either a drug or the stent and the price will rise substantially. Hang onto your shares for the long term.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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