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  • ttggggtt ttggggtt Nov 6, 2013 12:25 PM Flag

    Lucky Number

    I have held MCET in all it's incarnations, EXTI & MUCL, since 2003. Others have been here longer. Just wanted to say, my grip on my shares has never weakened.
    T's & G's

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    • ttggggtt good to hear from you. I hope all is well with you excluding mcet stock price.
      On what basis are you making that statement? Thanks in advance, Maxxi

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      • Maxxi--
        Based on: Given an infinite number of parallel universes with infinite possible outcomes, MCET has got to be a 1000 bagger in at least one of them. Much depend son what further research into the Higgs boson will turn up.
        -Tis & G's

      • An earlier post "With the insiders accumulating 20M shares according to the latest Form 4's it could be an imbalance of buy and sell order."

        You should have seen by now that this post was incorrect and these 20 million shares were not purchased by insiders, but just more options "Awarded". No need to mislead. insiders have purchased $3,700.00 of stock since MCET's inception. somebody wants to keep MCET afloat, but only to issue shares and manipulate it.

    • Goodness, you have lost a BUNDLE!

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      • Farthest back I can go on the charts is 2005 when the PPS was $1.20. What exactly has MCET accomplished in all that time? One license to Corning that gets them about $15K a quarter. If you have held all that time you have lost a bundle. Near as I can tell MCET now exists as a shell to take advantage of foolish and stupid traders, and they are getting hard to find. MCET admitted that the most important thing was to keep listed, making progress or accomplishing anything is not what their "handlers' want them to do. If there really was anything there wouldn't you expect insiders to have directly purchased more than $3,700 worth of stock since MCET founding?

        Of course, if you started with 100 shares you have only lost $119.99. Not too bad.

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