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  • repp.lisa repp.lisa Mar 20, 2014 7:37 PM Flag

    How long does it take to get a patent filing accepted.


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    • If they pony up with cash to fast track the patent, it could be under a year. Maybe six months. but they have proven it works in a lab, which is huge. With each study the price goes up. When they announce phase one trials, it's ba-bam! MCET is not the only company studying this concept. However, they may have hit pay dirt before all the others. Remains to be seen. Speculators will take this to a dollar very soon. imho. Just do some reasearch on RNA science
      Tekmira Pharmaceuticals Burnaby, BC RNAi
      Bioneer Alameda, CA Protein Synthesis Equipment & Reagents. Plans for drug discovery.
      Dynavax Berkeley, CA DNA Therapeutics
      Isis Pharmaceuticals Carlsbad, CA RNA
      Mo Bio Laboratories Carlsbad, CA Nucleic-Acid Purification Technologies
      Quark Pharmaceuticals Fremont, CA siRNA, Drug Discovery
      SGI-DNA (Synthetic Genomics) La Jolla, CA Synthetic DNA
      CytRx Los Angeles, CA Small Molecules, DNA
      C3 Jian Marino del Rey, CA Antimicrobial Peptides
      Arrowhead Research Pasadena, CA RNAi
      Amylin Pharmaceuticals (BMS) San Diego, CA Peptides
      Arcturus Therapeutics San Diego, CA lipid nanoparticle (LNP) siRNA drug delivery systems
      BioMedica (Oxford BioMedica) San Diego, CA Gene-based Medicines
      Inovio Pharmaceuticals San Diego, CA DNA Vaccines
      Pfizer San Diego, CA Peptides, Monoclonal Antibodies
      Regulus Therapeutics San Diego, CA MicroRNAs
      Vical San Diego, CA DNA Delivery, Vaccines
      Somagenics Santa Cruz, CA RNAi technology/Diagnostics
      Bachem Torrance, CA Peptides, APIs
      MannKind Valencia, CA Inhalable Biologics, Gene Therapy
      Ascletis Hangzhou, China RNAi Therapeutic
      Biomics Biotechnology Nantong, China RNAi
      miRagen Therapeutics Boulder , CO MicroRNA
      Quark Pharmaceuticals Boulder, CO siRNA, Drug Discovery
      MannKind Danbury, CT Inhalable Biologics, Gene Therapy
      ReGenX Biosciences Washington, DC Gene Therapy, Biologics
      Zealand Pharma Copenhagen, Denmark Peptide Drugs
      AGTC Alachua, FL Gene Therapy
      Transgene Illkirch-Graffenstaden, France Viral Vector Therapeutics, Gene Therapy
      Transgene Lyon

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    • The timing of the patent runs a distant second to a discovery of such magnitude
      If it proves to be true that MCET has found a way to target only cancer cells while sparing non-cancer cells, then this will immediately begin to put them on the radar in the battle against cancer

    • Around a year, if it goes smoothly

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