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  • stamo stamo Feb 18, 2004 9:58 PM Flag

    Preparers Log

    Since we are not getting a preparers log this year, what kind of evidence will we need to contest discrepancies in the Company report relating to volume, POM, IRA's, RACS, RALS etc. Is it going to be their word against ours? Should we be making copies of the worksheets?

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    • I a long process,, but,, go to client file mamagement.. show just your clients and look them up and record the info

    • Just like everything else, I guess it was being "abused" afraid we could print it out and have info on our clients, if they are so afraid we are going to use "personal info" could think of other ways to do that, I used to print out All of my landscapes "client info sheet" or whatever it is called, keep them in a folder at my office, never brought them home, but it was perfect for me, am not doing that this year, wish I would have. That way I could track all of my clients during the season, now if I wanted to have personal info on them that is the way to get it. Plus I think all clients should have that sheet, we do not give them to the clients, maybe it is to much personal info for them too.

    • I logged into the chat the other evening and someone asked the question about the absence of the preparer' log. It was confirmed that the preparer's log was replaced by the profile report with the following answer, "The tax preparer's log was replaced by the tax professional's profile with some but not all of the same information."

      I guess the log gave out too much information and had to be eliminated to keep us further in the dark as to what we are being paid on. Like most good things in life -- this too had to end!

    • Ncaldom - "Anyone know why Preparer Log has not been updated for close to two weeks..we are supposed to get weekly updates."

      What preparer log? I haven't seen one of those reports since last year!!! The only report that I have found in office is the Tax Pro Activity Report. I assume this is one more way to be completely UNsure of how we are paid and/or what we are being paid for.

      Where are you finding the preparer log???

    • Anyone know why Preparer Log has not been updated for close to two weeks..we are supposed to get weekly updates.

    • Mike, you are very welcome!

      While my post was sarcasm as its basis, I am glad that you found the sincerity of the message that I would love to be able to help you but most of the time our hands (I speak for many) are literally tied with corporate bindings.

      I thought your posts to be of a timely nature. I have had at least three clients in the last two weeks with similar problems as yours from the use of Taxcut. Perhaps the powers that be will read enough of these messages to fix whatever probems are ailing the software.

      I hope that if you do give H&R Block another chance, you will not suffer the problems as you have recently.

      Tax Professional that feels better and even smiling that the client can be satisfied even if company policies do not allow me to do so! :)

    • The one thing that I hate about Tax Cut is trying to find where the coupons are located. I know that the idea behind this is that people will foget to send them in and end up getting ripped off. I have gone through this the last two years it takes as much time finding the coupons to send in for state and efile. The help online does not really tell you where they are. I have searched for pdf files in the 2003 directory and they are not there. Where are they??????? Why put your clients through this pain??

    • Thanks, your apology is accepted and you should be running this company instead of serving it so well.

      Maybe I was wrong to vent on this board on a company I know little about, and was really just ticked off about the taxcut people about making me pay more to re-download the product I paid 50 bucks for after a 60 day window, and my also having problems with the software on my older computer, etc...

      It is often that you might work for what you feel is a great company but hate some of its odd policies and some of the best people are the real troopers and backbone of the company, even when they disagree with top management.

      but you can't be silent, you should let your voice be heard and let management know what you feel is hurting the business and making customers go elsewhere....imo.

      Thanks leavingitall, just for you and your most excellent post, and your need to feel like you have done a 'job well done', go pat yourself on the back, for I will give H&R Block another chance,,

      at least I will not be posting anymore, thanks and good luck!


    • michael_d_angelo,
      I would like to apologize to you for your bad experience on behalf of a company that I have been proud to admit that I worked for more than 10+ years. If you were in my area, I would love to be able to help you sort out your return and give you the service you request as well as a discount for your treatment thus far.

      However, since I am not management, I do not know have the authority to discount your return -- even though I would be working with you face-to-face, I do not have enough sense to know what it would take to make sure you are a satisfied client before you left the office. If I felt strongly enough about your problem and could convince one of the managers over me to understand your problem, I might still be able to get you a discount.

      Now if I secure that discount you most certainly deserve, I hope you will understand that employees aren't paid to reduce company profits by offering discounts, so I will not be paid.

      Then if I secure the discount you most certainly deserve this year but you choose another method of preparation next year, I can't count you in my contractual retention clause, so I will not be paid.

      Later should you return because of my efforts to secure that discount you most certainly deserve but I had chosen to form my own business or company, I can't prepare your return because now you are the "company's client" and I have a non-compete clause in my contract, so I will not be paid.

      While I do empathize with your problem, I have to keep in mind that my family likes to eat and therefore I must be paid now and then and later. I sincerely hope that you understand and will accept my apology -- for those are free words and doesn't cost me to work at my own expense.

      Tax Professional wanting to solve your problem but company policies prove it will be at my own expense even though I did not produce the problem.

    • What's wrong with this picture? Why are you still working for them?

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