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  • cabbage_farmer cabbage_farmer Mar 19, 2006 3:30 PM Flag

    Ernst Too Conceited for Good of HRB

    Smirking Ernst's remark about likening this investigation with college basketball's March madness speaks volumes to the essence of his management style.

    Any responsible CEO in the same position when asked his reaction, would have given the Spitzer respect, welcomed his investigation and pledged full cooperation. Instead Ernst
    insulted Spitzer.

    Ernest now has to do one of two things. Either he apologizes first thing Monday and pledges cooperation thereby recovering a modicum of public respect, or he adds fuel to the fire he lit thereby deepening the resolve of Spitzer to bring HRB down.

    Ernst is stupid to buck Spitzer. He sounds like John Gotti making these remarks and makes HRB out to be a crime syndicate.

    My bet is Ernst controls HRB's BOD and he and his cronies continue insulting the Attorney General. Ernst will be indifferent shareholders because he has a mafia mentality. The shareholders are the true victims in all of this.

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