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  • sci_encefiction sci_encefiction Nov 3, 2010 8:22 AM Flag

    HSBC pulling out of RAL biz ?

    I just signed up with EPS which is a low cost RAC provider.
    I will not do any loans this year. I did 15 L/Y
    The pros:
    No phone calls the very next day or two asking for their money.
    Less check printing.
    Less (actually none)fraudsters with fake W2s.
    The Cons:
    Loss of a thousand dollars or less in revenues/bonuses.

    Besides; With so many unemployed,there will be less EIC,child care etc
    Fees will have to come down due to simpler returns.

    Ironically..HSBC is from ASIA i think..Asia lends to our Govt but won't lend to the people.
    Congrats to the GOP..They may be sorry for getting their wish.
    First test is the Bush tax cut extension,Obama may not veto the extension if the Repubs sell out their cause and horse trade away something else.

    Thank You Tea Party...if not for you the GOP would own both houses.
    I love the TEA Party...i'm gonna make some tea now.

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