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  • iedziu iedziu Dec 27, 2011 2:07 PM Flag

    Tax season already?

    This year went by way too fast. Hope you all have a safe, healthy, and prosperous 2012.


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    • I am a FYTP going through my first 'dress rehearsal' training this evening. I was looking for what to expect - will I mostly be observing or participating the first night, what type of training activities are done, what type of feedback should be expected, and what level of competence will be expected. Thanks in advance!

    • From Block's press release today:

      "In these tough economic times, H&R Block is doing what it can to help taxpayers get a tax return done fast, accurately and at great value," Mazzini said.

      Great value? LOL!

    • robert.keaton Jan 3, 2012 1:42 PM Flag

      Southwest Airlines is trading at a 43 P/E and HRB is 14!

    • "Block takes care of its executives first, then I don't know who, considering the stock price, but believe me, preparers are at the bottom of the list" (noknownbrains).
      I was going to quip that Block cares for the Tax Pro more than the janitors. But i forgot the TaxPro is the janitor.

    • Block takes care of stockholders first, customers second, and employees third. Southwest Airlines takes care of employees first, customers second, and stockholders third. Guess which set of stockholders is happiest.

    • "I take care of my employees, they take care of my customers, and that takes care of business."

      Block takes care of its executives first, then I don't know who, considering the stock price, but believe me, preparers are at the bottom of the list.

    • In my eleven years in business, a returning preparer doing the same volume of business the following year has NEVER failed to make more money in my business. I cannot imagine retaining preparers otherwise.

      As to taxnerd's questions about bonuses, I've heard of operators in many franchised businesses trying to cheat employees. I'll bet there's been a Block franchisee somewhere along the way that has mistreated its employees. But this general smear nonsense is just that - nonsense. Liberty preparers make an hourly rate (and not minimum wage either), plus a % bonus on the business they write. On free returns there's a fixed dollar amount for the bonus. That is, if they stay until the end of tax season. I've even paid bonuses to people who had to leave early through no fault of their own.

      As with Block, there are variances for sure, but I try to run my business the way it is supposed to be run. I take care of my employees, they take care of my customers, and that takes care of business.

    • Simply untrue about the buckets. The widening of the buckets GREATLY exceeds any price changes Block makes. And, of course, you get no pay for doing a free 1040EZ or a free 2nd Look as the free stuff generates no commission to be in any bucket. I am aware of preparers who wrote thousands of dollars in additional returns but saw their total pay cut by hundreds and even thousands of dollars because of the buckets. But the whole purpose of the buckets is to cut tax pro pay significantly. Block will never return to straight percentages because that would mean pay increases for many preparers and a clear cut, understandable pay system. The way it is now, Block can jigger it lower in the buckets, retention, experience every year to keep those pay cuts coming.

    • I really cant understand why people say they are losing money. Yes the bucket changed makes it harder to get into another bracket but H&R Block also increased fee,s which in some ways that offsets the change in the bucket. The only way I can you making less money is due to the fact you are not doing as many tax returns as the previous years. I liked the old system in place over 10 years ago. You started out 20 percent of the tax return and increased it up to a max of 30 percent yes I agree I could be making more money today than compared to what we make now with the bucket, but can we do about it nothing they make the rules we accept them. Now for that person getting paid by the hour by his company I would like to see that with Block but than again I would probably take a pay cut which I dont mind I dont want to but if they ever switched to that I would accept it. To make more money is really a simple problem Do more Tax Returns win your clients to come back to see you and than you pick up new clients and try to retain them. I am not trying to make anyone mad or upset with what I just said it is a simple fact the more you do the more you make.

    • I like the post, I have been fortunate enough to have worked in an office that really never was a ral office. We have alot of old timers that have decided to stay "one more year", a few years back. We have lost money by working for the company, but we have loyal clients, those that keep coming back, year after year, because we are there. They put their faith and trust in us, to know what we are doing, regardless of what the company is doing. I do hope they do what they say they are going to do. You know to make it all about Us, the tax pros, yadda, yadda, yadda. I know I am ready to get back to work, and I know we have to be physically, and emotionally prepared to do it. We here every kind of story, and see every situation, from good to bad. We have a face to face reality check on how bad the economy really is, we can see a year, to year difference. I am looking forward to seeing clients that I have been helping for 20 years, and I am ready to help the community. I know when they come to see me. They are getting their moneys worth. I am certified, and qualified, to do numerous things, and numerous things are mandatory. happy new everything.

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