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  • doontoothers2000 doontoothers2000 Oct 25, 2012 4:49 PM Flag


    No fear of test, David. The course I did take was probably 20 times more difficult, with 1/2 the questions on passive activities, corps, and partnerships, as I really needed a "brush up". I did find Circular 230 more difficult on testing, barely passed, and took a 2nd course this morning from Liberty on a webinar that was great and cleared up all my cobwebs. Not that I'll retain all that info, much of it common sense with conflict of interest, but getting into unconscionable fees and contingent fee took the brain a while to sort it all.
    My problem is sheer laziness. Having to drive to the next town for the test, in a heavy traffic area, where parking will be UGH, and not knowing how long it takes to sign in and get ready for the test, and will I need the entire 3 hours, then fight traffic on the way home...... makes it easier to postpone the test till the very last minute. I'm not comfortable in a new place I've never been to & what happens if I need the bathroom during the test? Is it allowed? If I could take the test on the internet, I would have been the first to sign up.

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    • doontoothers, don't let your test anxiety stop you from taking the test. I took the test and passed it two months ago and found Prometric to be very professional. I arrived 30 minutes prior to my appointment (as was requested). The check-in process took 10 minutes and they didn't make me sit around for the next 20 minutes. I was given the option to start the test right after check-in, which I did. You are given 2 1/2 hours which is plenty of time. I read every question at least twice before I answered, just to make sure I wasn't missing a key word or something. I marked about 20 questions for review and still had no problem finishing. Test anxiety is much worse than the actual test so just go ahead and take it!

      It's better to take it sooner rather than later because it's true what the IRS is saying about test center congestion if you wait. There are a limited number of centers and they all have a limited number of seats. And don't forget that there are other professions that use Prometric. Even when I took it in August, the testing center was fairly busy.

      One last thing: if you work for Block, you've already had a lot of testing and should have no trouble passing the RTRP.

      P.S. I agree with wishfulthinkin27, those 10 year tax pros who couldn't pass the test should find another profession!

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      • Food for thought. I LOVE taking tests. I have taken the tests on the IRS website they offer for their volunteers, plus the one for EIC, where I have a nice certificate hanging in my office, and have taken all the tests on the HRB website tax courses, helping my HRB buddies get their 30 hours in.
        I have a strong belief, either I know it, or I don't and a test is the ONLY way to find out. When I teach, I take all quizzes and the test before each class, wanting to know if I might have a problem with a wrong answer, which means I need to do a bit more research before entering the classroom.
        I am seriously thinking of retirement in 2013, as that will be the year for my RMD, and I will no longer be able to make contributions to my IRA. With what I understand, medicare cost will be determined by AGI, we could well lose the 10% bracket if Obama is voted in, which means higher taxes, more medical cost, when I can just stay home and enjoy my hobbies and grand kids.35 years and loving almost every minute of it, what would life be without having taxes on my mind?

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