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  • bearfromberkeley bearfromberkeley Jan 18, 2013 2:54 PM Flag

    false advertiging

    there was an ad from HRB last night .. gal stated that she had read all 900 pages of the Affordable Care act .. and would be happy to help you with your taxes in regard to this.. what are the odds that any of the low paid help.. or even the higher paid help in any of the offices have really read this or could help you with it??

    HRB is so overpriced for basic returns it is amazing that people have no figured this out.. may CPAs and EAs have similar prices and you don't have to wait around in the germ infected HRB offices

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    • Is there anything really of particular interest in the Affordable care act that is relavant to 95% of the taxpayes this year? Do most Americans really care what was in the Healthcare Act? I have not seen any changes for low income taxpayers that was affected by the Act itself. Think outside the Block for a change.

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      • IRS has already made me a "cop" who has to grill my EIC clients, and NOW, they think they can use me to "warn" people about healthcare? NOPE, don't think so...... There is no doubt in my mind that the TV, newspapers and mail boxes will be over stuffed with telling people what they must do, and where to go to do it, and what happens if they don't, soon as they figure it all out. This is Congresses' mess, let them handle informing the masses! 4 million words in our tax codes, and some idiot comes up with wanting preparers to read 900 pages of Obamacare and spend time explaining a "what if" situation? How ridiculous is that?

      • Well I guess one MINOR point is that just about everyone will have to sign up for healthcare coverage by the end of THIS year. So if they come back to see me in March of 2014, and havent signed up for a plan for them and their family, they will be penalized. If a low income person, who might be eligible for free coverage doesn't get it in time ---I guess they too will be penalized. So I think the new law is IMPORTANT to many people to learn what to do THIS year.

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