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  • no_blinders no_blinders Jan 29, 2013 8:36 AM Flag

    I am taking profits ….

    … and seeking other opportunities.

    HRB should increase its dividend which IMO is what’s driving the stock.

    But the main reasonn is seasoned Block employees seem to be cutting hours and finding other sources of income after Block cut Family and Friends discounts to amore restricted wallet program.
    I have interviews several of Block's EA I'm really surprised how little they are getting paid for what they contribute or the company.

    Block seem s to be having a tough time keeping newer employees as well, call centers and other retailers are paying more. So I’m a seller here, may not be at the top.

    IMO any company that does not recognize and reward the value of their productive employees and making it harder for them to take care of their clients has limited upside from here.

    Good Luck

    Sentiment: Sell

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    • no-blinders-weasel !!!! When i dont like a company i dont send my time with them. If Block does not get the job done someone else will, dont worry about it. If you dont like the Dividend invest in another company. There is nothing wrong in shorting a stock, but spending your time bashing on a message board shows just how small you are.

      I dont blame any Block employee for trying to get a better job. I venture to say Block spends a lot of time figuring how to get the job done for the least cost. If they fail they are fired. Block is the private sector not a Government easy work,high pay position.

      Sorry for the rant but i cant stand these short weasels that pretend to be something they are not. A real employee has a right to gripe all he/she wants.

    • NOT to worry, our newest immigration plan of putting 12 million illegals to work, will give HRB all the cheap labor they'll need. Hooray for CEOs, who can double their pay! Please note, multimillionaire Congressmen who can't imagine working for min. wage are the ones demanding this cheap labor group. Slide over, there is a whole new under class of workers who will be thrilled to get your job.

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