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  • pilond2 pilond2 Jul 1, 2010 1:46 PM Flag

    SEC's SpongeTech **June 30** **CLAIMS** are ***PATHETIC** (again)


    SEC work is PATHETIC.

    I don't want our company to EVER be run by such RANDOM THINKING and PATHETIC people.

    SEC says that status of SpongeTech "management" is "chaotic" based on the fact that various expenses and loans are paid from various accounts, including those of Dicon.

    "...chaotic status of Spongetech management..."

    Here ->

    Well DUH!

    Does SEC' lawyer Jeffrey TAO actually have a BRAIN?

    What is he thinking when he prepares COURT documents?

    It's the SEC themselves who CREATED the chaos in OUR company!

    THINK before filing more and more DEFAMING claims Mr. TAO... THINK!

    Recklessness never pays.

    Evaluate the results and impacts of YOUR actions before INSINUATING the impacts and results are because of others than YOU.


    The SOURCE of chaos came **FROM** the SEC intervention.

    The SOURCE of DAMAGES came **FROM** the SEC, because they were GULLIBLE, and listened to Kaja attacks, David Patch attacks.

    It's BECAUSE of SEC we have this chaos and were FORCED into pre-bankruptcy (factoring), and FORCED management to CANCEL all advertising contracts, and FORCED management to be creative and MANAGE ultra tightly, and yes, move money around from various accounts. I ***THANK*** our Management VERY MUCH for having done so.

    We have a REAL company producing REAL products, with a REAL manufacture, and creating REAL jobs, with REAL sales, and REAL profitability. ALL proven in COURT OF LAW now.


    We will fix our things by ourselves, shareholders and remaining management.

    You got the people you wanted to resign. Now go away. We don't need you anymore, and we CERTAINLY don't need your vulture receiver. We can bring order after the chaos YOU created, and we can bring that new order ALL BY OURSELVES.

    We should all be FOREVER THANKFUL to Mr. Moskowitz for the TREMENDOUS FIDUCIARY TO THE EXTREME WORK HE DID FOR US (SpongeTech shareholders)

    Our FOUNDER did all the job!

    It's really TOO BAD the SEC has infite legal resources from taxpayers money and can't be counter-sued for DAMAGES. Really too bad.

    From: Steven Moskowitz <>
    Sent: Wed, June 30, 2010 9:21:54 AM
    Subject: Re: Thanks

    Didn't sleep for 2 nights

    From: David Pilon <>
    To: Steven Moskowitz
    Sent: Wed Jun 30 09:14:11 2010
    Subject: Thanks

    Hi Mr. Moskowitz, I got another account closed yesterday
    (Yahoo account). Now I'm writing you again from another
    e-mail address. I just wanted to thank you so much for
    the fantastic work you did stopping Chapter 11 trustee at
    DICON for the moment. You must have spent countless hours
    on this with the lawyers between June 24 and June 28,
    including weekend. Thank you for all you did.

    This topic is deleted.
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