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  • pilond2 pilond2 Jul 5, 2010 3:21 PM Flag

    SEC Jeffrey TAO says: ***ONLY*** $1.3 million in sales...


    GO AWAY Mr. TAO!

    "only" 1.3 million in sales

    I'm a SpongeTech shareholder and I consider $1.3 ***MILLION*** DOLLARS >>ONLY<< with SpongeBob and Car Wash sponge a VERY good sales performance. EXCELLENT.

    Add to this $6.3 ***MILLION*** DOLLARS with the 450+ Dicon SKUs.

    And considering it was "certain" sales

    And considering during the 10 months where those sales have been done:
    - All advertising was forced to be stopped,
    - No TV commercials were running (TV commercial are the MOST IMPORTANT thing),
    - Company was attacked almost DAILY by NY Post,
    - Company investigated (TERRIBLY DISRUPTED) by SEC,
    - i.e. ***WORST*** conditions ever in the HISTORY of the company

    Try to accomplish that Mr. TAO (selling for $1.3 ***MILLION*** dollars of SPONGES), and get back to me when you made it (if you EVER do)

    Your claims and SUBJECTIVE impression will completely change after you accomplish this tour de force (selling for $1.3 ***MILLION*** dollars of SPONGES).

    Go ahead Mr. TAO, START SELLING, C'mon! We don't have all year! You have one short year to sell for $1.3 ***MILLION*** dollars. HURRY UP!

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