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  • joepozack joepozack May 24, 2010 7:24 PM Flag

    strong buy at .27,,,

    shd retest lows and then puff and blow back up from thre just make sure u sell before earnings come out u can alwys buy back...good luck...

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    • rice little volume...wah wah...

    • watch volume...unless u we get a huge volume spike to the upside u r just fooling much unkown with this transparence in the books..they change cfo's every other quarter...what a joke...

    • FWIW, we haven't disagreed as much as you might have thought except that we had different price targets. .40 looks like a tradeable bottom and should hold unless the market starts plunging again (which isn't out of the question but probably not for a week or two). If CNOA can hold in the mid .40's and regain the 9 day MA in the next few days we should see a return back into the 50's which is what I'm betting on since I bought in the low .40's

      BTW, I don't know what CNOA is going to do today but it looks like you're going to lose some of those gains you made on BIDU. Just goes to show there is no safe harbor.

    • .27 can't be far away...:)

    • of all the .OB stocks i've owned chgy.ob has acted the best..i.e. dropped the least still a significant drop from it's highs but also the biggest gainer before the general chinese small cap FLOP...:) i think the key to these stocks as someone mentoned earlier is playing he volitility and also watching volume any big move is usually preceeded by a huge volume day in comparion to a normal day and there is usually a window albiet small to get in rather than buy and hope..:) btw..bidu is up again today and cnoa is well u know the story..cnoa becomes interesting again only when the buyers swoop in en mass..:) not yet...patience said the wise man..

    • You should look at a chart of CNOA for 2008/early 2009 before making those claims. Given the right market circumstances CNOA (and many other OTC stocks) can lose 50% of its value within a few trading days. That is a lot less likely to happen with most stocks listed on major exchanges, with the exception of those companies that suffer some major disaster (think BP, MEE)

      Hell, you can even look back to last fall, where CNOA lost 50% of its value overnight because of a bad earnings report.

      I'm not negative on CNOA at all. I'm still a long term bull, but painfully aware of the downside risks in what appears to be a bear market having watched it/traded it in 2008.

      As for a new auditor/aquisitions, it's probably a mistake to be pinning your hopes on that.

    • apples and oranges can you compare CNOA with BIDU. CNOA is an OTC stock that is in the organic food market. CNOA's margin of safety is in my opinion much bigger and the downside risk (in stock price) is much smaller. This company is sitting on a mountain of cash plus the fact it is way undervalued in terms of P/E, P/B, PEG, etc. etc.

      If they announce a new auditor (top audit firm) and some acquisitions, this baby is going to fly to the moon!!!!

    • Fair enough. If the market does pull back heavily, CNOA will definitely go down faster than a name brand stock like BIDU. FWIW, that's one of the reasons I've been advocating caution on buying CNOA right now. As I've mentioned I don't believe CNOA will hit .27 but low .40's/high .30's isn't out of the question if the S&P falls below 1000.

      That said, CNOA may provide some great trading opportunities in the near future to those who have a firm grasp on technicals and manage to buy the bottoms and sell the tops. BIDU won't present the opportunity to make 50% in a few weeks, that's for sure.

    • on a day when chinese stocks shd be rip roaring cnoa is down...wake up and smell the tea leaves boys!!!

    • one better place is UHT which is a well run health care reit. look at its history & buy when it drops to a point where the yield is 7.5%(currently about $32). may be too conservative for most but i enjoy the dividends. it along with NHI will be up-imho-$4-$6 in less than 1 yr as people look for better yield.

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