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  • spOOkchaser spOOkchaser Sep 28, 2011 5:40 PM Flag

    I'm worried---

    that this science project might blow up.
    Lets take a look at what has happened to PACB recently---BIG layoffs + the start of what will probably turn into a class action lawsuit. There are allegations that the company has "overstated acceptance" of its product. Of course this is just an "Investigation" by a law firm

    BUT---this could be just the beginning of the end for another tech startup. If other questionable items come to light, it could get worse real quick. Then other shark law firms will pile on once the blood is in the water
    WE'll be fighting to hold on to a ONE DOLLAR price and keep our NASDAQ NMS listing.

    Yes, I know some lawyers would sell their sisters for a nickel, but sometimes they do watch out for the rights of the shareowners

    PLEASE if ANY employee can indicate what is really going on here--do it!! You may save some folks a bunch of $$$$. Ex-employees--if you are angry because they let you go, that's understandable--it happens to the best and brightest, so don't let it bother you.

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    • Today's "green" performance (so far) is the first real change in the downward trend in three months.

      Here are the weekly market closes since July 5:

      July 5 — $12.01
      July 11 — $11.09
      July 18 — $12.12
      July 25 — $11.01
      Aug. 1 — $6.50
      Aug. 8 — $5.96
      Aug. 15 — $5.49
      Aug. 22 — $6.00
      Aug. 29 — $5.95
      Sept. 6 — $5.73
      Sept. 12 — $6.00
      Sept. 19 — $4.04
      Sept. 26 — $3.21
      Oct. 3 — $2.77

      Today's price (at noon CDT) — $3.03

      Maybe something is up, maybe not.

    • Well, I'm worried too. I don't work for the company, but I am a scientist working for a big med-dev company and I enough to tell you that PacBio has the best NGS technology of all available right now. I bought their stock at $11, I bought again when it went down to $6. I will buy more at ~$3 (when I feel that the wole market stabilizes). I may be stupid, but I believe that eventually somebody (a big company with a lot of money) will be clever enought to buy them. The technology is just too good to dissappear!

    • and 99.9999% of the time lawfirms filing this stuff are vultures. Last one to the party, last one to leave, and will be sure to pick the bones clean. But you can bet on this, they do not have your best interest at heart, they have theirs, period.

      Now, if the company were to be placed into a receivership, the quality of firms may go up slightly, but in these situations, they are merely ambulance chasers.

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      • Well, vultures only eat carrion, we're not there yet.

        This company needs to keep selling to survive or they will run out of cash and go BK. Or be re-capitalized wiping out the existing shareowners or maybe a R/S and turn dollar shares into penny shares.
        So the key here is SALES. They claim ( in June)to have---what----about a 35 machines backlog due to be delivered by end of 2011??? Beyond that , what do we know ?
        What they need to do is simply---give the damn things away at cost or less then cost and live off the consumables.
        Lets see how the management handles this downturn scenario. We have about $190-200M in cash how long can that last ???

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