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  • rekhaus rekhaus Jan 27, 2013 6:08 PM Flag

    PacBio product and product pipeline

    I see lots of people comparing PacBio with HLCS and Nanopore but there are major gaps in their analysis. Below are some of highlights that I think are important...

    1. Exiting platform in market...Speed matters...
    Pacbio has technology which is producing 6K long (Max up to 12K) reads and it's already helping lots are researchers and projects. I think PacBio is ramping up their capacity due to huge demand.
    Nanopore is promising but error rate is very high and I haven't see any data yet.
    HLCS sequencing platform was very basic with 25 to 50bp reads and they were late in market compared to Illumina or 454, and that's why they weren't successful. Speed and discovery matters...

    2. Market penetration
    Pacbio already established as a leading sequencing platform for longer reads and they are now focusing on new applications like base modification and targeted sequencing. Based on Pacbio site they are also working on next generation sequencer and chemistry with longer reads with higher density to increase run throughput.
    HLCS is no where in market now and Nanopore is way behind...
    PacBio is adding new channel partners to maximize their potential.

    3. Read length
    Pacbio is producing best read length and no other platform comes close.

    Read length are very important because for complex genomes due to repeat, polyploidy (multiple chromosomes) and large rearrangements. With short reads it's very hard to assemble a complex genome and impossible to assemble polyploidy genomes. With Pacbio long reads researchers are now able to assemble and start to understand these complex genomes and pathogens. Pacbio sequencing is expensive compared to Illumina but Pacbio is offering best sequencing result ever in history of genome sequencing and that's why this company has very good potential.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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