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  • nimuma nimuma Jun 2, 2013 10:25 PM Flag

    Fundamentals of this company

    It steadily lose over $20 per quarter. It steadily sold 4-5 machines per quarter. Fortunately The math for this company's finance is not as convoluted. Each machine sells for 700K, and pacbio only makes about 15% for all the sales, including the instruments and the consumables. In the foreseeable future, pacb will steadily make 20M loss.

    Increasing throughput from new chemistry will encourage new consumable sales, but also reduce its sales due to higher efficiency, just a double edge sword.

    Based on this calculation, pacb needs to sell more than 20 times of its current sales per quarter to just make the money even. Or it needs to cut its massive work force to save cash. How can this be appealing to Roche or Illumina execs as a take over target?

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    • Oh. My. God.

      Everything I have learned in over 40 years in the stock market about investing in a company's future is... WRONG according to the wise one, nimuma. According to my new-found mentor, one must look BACKWARD! I've been such a fool for all of these years!!

      Also, according to the obviously all-knowing nimuma, everything I've learned about the future of sequencing and PacBio's place at the forefront of the science is... WRONG. Oh, woe is me!

      We are all so BLESSED that nimuma has come to this board (The message board of a stock he/she dislikes. - It must be VERY hard on him/her!) to tell us what idiots we all are.

      Thank you for sharing your deep wisdom with your inferiors, nimuma! I will sell my entire position first thing tomorrow.

      Or not.

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