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  • paulieme60 paulieme60 Nov 6, 2013 4:06 PM Flag

    “Prior to PacBio, we couldn’t close genomes"

    without manual finishing efforts,” Tallon says. With SMRT Sequencing, his team is consistently finishing genomes. “Our biggest challenge is getting sufficient high-quality DNA to start a project. If we get that, the genomes are going to close more often than not.”

    For more on the GRC’s use of the PacBio system, including details on how the lab optimized its SMRT pipeline, read the complete profile. You can also visit the GRC blog or attend their upcoming applications seminar to hear how the PacBio RS II can advance your research on Thursday, November 7 at 11:00 AM. (for the whole story and link,go to IHUB MB)

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    • (More)!! "Building
      on the HGAP and (Illumina) Celera pipelines, he
      adds, “we’re developing our own postprocessing
      steps to make even further
      improvements to genome assembly.
      For other teams considering whether
      SMRT Sequencing is the right choice
      for them, Tallon says: “If you’re going
      to be working with small genomes,
      value complete or nearly finished
      genome sequences, and are looking at
      base modifications in addition to the
      genome sequence, there’s no better
      platform out there.”

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