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  • mid_nite_rover mid_nite_rover Feb 5, 2002 5:37 AM Flag


    If the so called Israel Defense experts can predict the US attack on Iraq in May..then why these experts can not predict the daily attacks and explosions in Israel.

    Just like investing, Expert means You know nothing and you keep misleading the crowd to get your way.

    My 2cents.
    Now back to this is a strong buy as CSCO will probably beat estimates by 1 cent a share.

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    • Hi,

      As for your CSCO predictions I hope you're right since I hold Feb Call 20.

      As for Israel's intellegence... try living in this country for a month or two than you'll understand better. It is very hard to catch a man who straps him self with a bomb and walk to crowded places blowing himself up. Remember the Unibombmer? How long did it took to find the guy? In israel there are 3 Mil potential unibomber... do the math, than you'll figure out why it is so hard to tell what's going to happen tommorow....
      Take care

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      • Read the headlines people, we have never stopped bombing Iraq. We bomb Iraq dailey in the Northern and Southern NO FLY ZONES. They are part of Operations NORTHERN AND SOUTHERN WATCH. Technically the Gulf War has never ended. We had a cease fire agreement with Iraq in 1991. We lift that agreement and bomb Iraq dailey for: not complying with UN sanctions, not allowing weapons inspectors back into the country, placing threats against America, targetting Kurdish factions, and targetting US and British jets patrollong the NO FLY ZONES

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