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  • juryman07 juryman07 Oct 9, 2002 10:55 AM Flag

    The truth about Bush and this market...

    Country will be in a deep Depression if Geroge _ who didn't take a single international relations course at Yale and only 1 political science course _ gets re-elected.

    This would be a gloabal tragedy.

    Mediocre beyond compare, he is an embarassment.

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    • Can this country survive under this idiot till even then?

      • 1 Reply to isles555
      • I do not use rhetorics or name calling just facts. Bush's business past shows total incompetence about the busiess world. That is just the facts. I live in Texas and he left this state a large deficit. We now have insurance rates going out of control with whom Perry is in bed with. It is a republican state though and Perry will likely get elected. If Rebuplicans in this state were independent thinkers they would vote Democrat heavily. Did you know Dick Armey's son lost up in Dallas in election and now Armey is trying his best to cut government contracts back on a business in Dallas to get even for not supporting his some. Republicans have embarrassed this state. DeLay tried to overthrow a section of our government once when he tried a coup against Gingrich (in his own party to). Phil Gramm, what a joke. Phil's wife was part of the Enron board. Major connected like Bush. Texas Republican politics at its best. But Texas Republicans do not care they vote strictly party labels. At least this Texan did not and will not vote for any of them. THe only Texan Republican that seems to show class is Kay Bailey Hutchison. This country needs a Democratic congress.

    • He's not just an embarrassment, that would be OK BUT he's incompetent at his job (which is much worse) cause that means our fellow Americans have to suffer by watching their jobs dissappear along with their life savings. The housing market will be next to crash after Christmas when the REAL layoffs begin...

    • Don't forget, GW had 6 years experience dealing with Mexican wetbacks and the Taco Bell border crisis.. That time has prepared him well for dealing with the tensions in the Middle East.

      The President of Mexico has nothing but praise for Chimps's International expertise! ....oops!

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