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  • mchlr963 mchlr963 Jun 9, 2012 12:05 AM Flag

    CSCO - what am I missing ?

    Selling at less than 9 times next year's earnings and with more than half ($9 + per share)it's pps in cash (all figures per Yahoo).

    CSCO is priced like it's headed for total disaster. I see some possible margin compression but not the ship wreck that it's priced for.

    Any thoughts?

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    • Chambers need to get the dividend yield over 3%. This stock would boom if the BOD/Chambers increased the dividend significantly. Does anyone know what is the date that CSCO would normally discuss a possible dividend increase?

    • CEO & BOD practice a circle jerk when it comes to compensation, sort of a shared sense of pleasure and fulfillment.

    • EXACTLY, without fail! He must have mental issues if he doesn’t see what he does every Q.

      Still a mystery why the BOD doesn’t shut his mouth permanently by firing is behind. That would definitely solve the problem of his constant stupidity that continually harms the shareholders.

    • ill give u one huge reason nobody wants to buy this stock .. without fail , every quarter the report is just fine but then stupid idiot ALWAYS opens his big dumb mouth and causes the stock to dump .. every quarter without fail .. why would anyone want to deal with this every 3 months .. hes been slammed continually for doing it yet he still does it .. screw cisco .. until chambers is gone the stock wont do s..t ..

    • Interesting and completely correct. Multiyear incompetence and still around! Maybe there will be an increase of support for his ouster and they get someone to create shareholder value, not just horde cash.

      Now is about the time for the dividend announcement, he needs to at least get off of a chunk of that cash he has been sitting on at the expense of shareholders.

    • There is at least one writer at Forbes that agrees with you, but Chambers is rated only the 5th worst CEO.

      "Mr. Chambers appears to have been great at operating Cisco as long as he was in a growth market. But since customers turned to cloud computing and greater use of mobile telephony networks Cisco has been unable to innovate, launch and grow new markets for cloud storage, services or applications. Mr. Chambers has reorganized the company 3 times – but it has been much like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Lots of confusion, but no improvement in results.

      Between 2001 and 2007 the stock lost half its value, falling to $35. Continuing its slide, since 2007 the stock has halved again, now trading around $17. And there is no sign of new life for Cisco – as each earnings call reinforces a company lacking a strategy in a shifting market. If ever there was a need for replacing a stayed-in-the-job too long CEO it would be Cisco."

    • No longer considered a growth stock, so market is pricing it accordingly. Management will eventually recognize this reality and raise dividend and/or stock buyback.

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      • BOD needs to recognize reality and FIRE the incompetent Chambers. His lack of effective leadership over the last several years has cost shareholders billions in value. The NASDAQ is up over 200% from the 2009 lows and CSCO is only up 25%.That’s right only 25% from the worst crisis since the great depression!!!
        Even when the numbers are good he destroys the positive momentum with his constant negative rhetoric. This is pathetic and he is responsible. GET RID OF HIM!

    • I'm looking for 22 in the near future. Shake up in the last few months ought to get things moving. IMO

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