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  • scott4usa scott4usa Jun 11, 2012 4:05 PM Flag



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    • Look forward to stock buyback so Chambers and his insiders can use the same stock to stuff their pockets with stock awards and cheap options. If they raised the dividend one cent, that would be a 100 percent increase...WOW !!

    • Exactly the reason when the PPS of CSCO and JNPR compared I swapped out of this stock and into JNPR. Chambers is a loser and he beats the worthless stock down everytime he opens his stupid mouth, plus, they only buyback stock to award it to themselves. The stockholder gets a multi-year dead stock and pissant dividend. I've still got a couple hundred of this pig in another account and if this POS can muster an extra nickle...its gone.

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      • hes had a yr. and a half to learn about what his mouth does to the stock price quarter after quarter and he continually gets blasted for doing it , yet he STILL DOES IT even when the reports are good . Im certainly not expecting him to change his tune now . he knew a year ago what kind of affect he has on the stock . I think he enjoys distroying value and keeping the shareholders totally hating him . what kind of idiot is glad there are people that wish he was dead ?

    • The topic and discussion of the post was Chambers keynote tomorrow morning. You brought up a dividend announcement and did not clarify that you meant anything other than the aforementioned speech.

      I inferred that you meant that the announcement would take place during that speech. If I misunderstood, I apologize.

      However, before you challenge a post you might consider not being a total douche about it.

    • I do not expect and did not state that he would announce a dividend during his meeting. I suggested he announce his resignation afterwards after he decimates the stock with his negative comments.
      The dividend is a BOD/company announcement is a totally different subject. I stated the stock should get a pop when it is announced (which should be imminent). Before you challenge a post you might consider carefully reading it.

    • I don't expect a dividend announcement - at least not tomorrow. Cisco has tons of cash, and they clearly need to do something with it to increase shareholder value - dividend, share buyback, aquisitions.

      But Chambers won't want to divert the focus of this meeting from their product development and strategy. He won't announce something like a dividend during this conference, imo.

    • The only thing that will move this stock tomorrow is if Chambers announces his resignation after his negative speech about how bad things are. Then the stock will go up 50%. Only wishful thinking... but his day of reckoning will come.

      I do expect a pop from the dividend announcement if he has any sense at all!

    • While I don't have ultimate confidence in his judgement when it comes to comments about future earnings... this is a great opportunity to fix the mistake he made during the earnings call. I don't think that he'll speak at all about earnings forcasts, but he can drop some subtle hints about markets and product success.

      CSCO could certainly use the support.

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