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  • toonawish toonawish Nov 1, 2012 8:00 AM Flag

    A look at Cisco's 2012

    And you can't manage to trade on this?

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    • this #$%$ company is a thorn in the side of the dow average . this stock should be well into the 20's . The overall market goes up to near new highs and this pig cant get out of bed .. trade it ?? we are all lucky if the thing goes up $2 , then blink and its back down especially on days where the dow is up .. chambers needs to be tossed off the ship with the rest of the bod . cisco will never see 30 even tho the valuation calls for it .. it would be incredible if it could EVER stay at 20

    • You are missing the POINT. It is WRONG and detrimental to shareholders. You are looking at it from a gamblers/Casino perspective. I do trade and I do make money. I also have long term shares I hold. Chambers has been running this scheme for years filling his wallet with MILLIONS while shareholders sit on NO GAINS for YEARS.

      When things are WRONG they need to be changed.

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      • I guess the dividend increase & share buybacks mean nothing?

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      • By toonawish.35 minutes ago.Permalink
        .I guess the dividend increase & share buybacks mean nothing?

        the dividend increase and the huge buybacks must be the big reason why the stock has roared all the way down to 17

      • REALLY Toona....... Share buyback MEANS NOTHING to shareholders if the shareprice goes NOWHERE for years. You should do a little research into Cisco's history, since by reading your comments you have had very little experience in this stock. BILLIONS have been spent on buybacks with only a DENT in reducing share count since a lot of it gets eatin up in OPTIONS granted to insiders.

        If you are a long term shareholder in Cisco you have seen NO RETURN for MANY years while Chambers and insiders have taken hundreds of MILLIONS in compensation over the same period.

        I'm ALL FOR compensation, but it should be based on company growth in conjunction with shareholder growth. You simply can';t continue to REWARD the insiders while the OWNERS get NOTHING or a paultry 1% dividend which just got raised to 3%.

        Do some research into the history of this company.

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