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  • ivanhoeofoloxly ivanhoeofoloxly Nov 17, 2012 3:30 PM Flag



    Hardly ANY footage was shown of the devastation and death that the Muslim from Kenya wrought upon thousands upon thousands of innocent women and children in his insane illegal personal war to further his Muslim brotherhood.

    There was one video of a 10 year old little boy on the internet with his lower jaw and tongue blown off as he moaned being put into a makeshift hospital bed in Libya, but none of the bludthirsty Kenyan's Kommie friend followers would watch it because their Messiah can do no wrong in their evil eyes.

    The House Monkey even bragged about killing mothers and children in Libya on the Leno show and some liberals in the audience applauded him for it.

    Liberals are despicable and have no regard for human life.

    Or any life for that matter other than their own.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • (Liberals are despicable and have no regard for human life)

      By embracing #$%$ like John Kerry, only proves they are #$%$.

    • while thousands of missiles were fired into israel by the islamist terrorists, the entire international community was silent, thus condoning war crimes and crimes against humanity.

      as soon as israel defends herself against these islamic terrorists, the entire international community awakens from its cynical slumber and scurries here and there, treating the terrorists as if they were aggrieved parties rather than murderers.

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