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  • gfo99 gfo99 Nov 19, 2012 11:15 AM Flag

    Benny Stein says......

    Ben Stein Says We Need To Raise Taxes And Fox News' Greg Gutfeld Has A Cow!

    Posted: 18 Nov 2012 05:00 PM PST

    Ben Stein gets honest on Fox News with Greg Gutfeld (a Coulter wannabe), and tells him that if we go off the 'fiscal cliff' nothing bad will happen and then asks him this, "What do you care if we raise taxes on some rich person?" You gotta love it. Gutfield's response to Stein after he demands tax increases on the rich is typical Fox News stupidity.

    Stein: Taxes will go up on really rich people really a lot and we need it; we need more revenue.

    Gutfeld: Alright, boo on you, Ben. I disagree with everything you said, but you're both an actor and an economist. I kinda understand why you wanna raise taxes. It's about getting invited to more cocktail parties

    Without actors yelling at you.

    Stein: Not at all, I don't get invited to any parties and I don't drink, but look, the whole idea for being a Republican is for fiscal sensibility and fiscal sensibility says we cannot run 16 trillion debt. We can't have it up to 20 trillion. We cannot leave our grandchildren a defaulted, bankrupt America.

    I wonder if Greg forgot who Ben Stein is and how important his presence has been to the Fox Business Channel shows for him to treat him like he does every liberal who might cross his path. I don't agree with everything Stein says, but it's refreshing listening to a conservative try to think rationally. The idiot Gutfeld actually says America has enough revenue coming in. This is what is known as an informed host on Fox. Oh, his answer to Ben's question about taxing the rich is that he doesn't want class warfare. #$%$ does that even mean in this context?

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